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Economists define cash as a physical form of money, such as banknotes and coins. Bookkeepers and financiers explain cash money as a current asset, including currency or its equivalent, that can be accessed immediately. Cash existed in the form of coins until Venetian merchants started using the first banknotes in the early Middle Ages. Today, most cash is being replaced by digital money, which has become the largest share of the total money supply. While cash is not useful for remote payments and is not as fast as digital currency, it is very convenient for private and secure transactions — though this is gradually being replaced with cryptocurrencies. In 2016, 1 out of 7 people in the UK were reportedly no longer using cash, which may indicate the possible existence of a cashless society in the near future — proposals of which are coming from around the world.

Follow up
Celsius Network has been heading down a slippery slope since it filed for bankruptcy in July.
Court filings reveal Celsius will run out of money by October
Ciaran Lyons
A new campaign has been launched to show off the features of this crypto ATM — and the company behind it has global ambitions.
This DeFi-powered crypto ATM is set to change the way we buy and sell digital assets
Chris Jones
A finance professor is skeptical about Bitcoin's design but is still very much involved in crypto research and is bullish about the future of digital assets.
Critic of Bitcoin’s ‘one-percenters’ still positive about future of digital assets
Helen Partz
While cash is associated with more anonymity, it’s still less mobile and easy to use in large amounts than a digital currency, China’s CBDC project lead Mu Chan...
Official explains why China CBDC should not be as anonymous as cash
Helen Partz
Market Analysis
Hint: Many altcoins—not just LUNA—are down over 80% from their all-time highs in 2022.
3 reasons why Bitcoin is regaining its crypto market dominance
Yashu Gola
From fiat banknotes to fractional reserve banking, the notion of what constitutes money in the U.S. has changed over time. But is the time right for e-cash?
Fitting the bill: US Congress eyes e-cash as an alternative to CBDC
Travis Jones
The investment follows a May 2021 partnership between the two firms aimed at expanding access to crypto-fiat exchanges.
Moneygram buys 4% stake in crypto ATM operator Coinme
Turner Wright
The Bank of Russia remains skeptical on crypto despite the Russian president viewing it as a potential unit of account.
Bank of Russia to assess Bitcoin holdings volumes as $36B leave banks
Helen Partz

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