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Cex.io is a multinational Bitcoin exchange established in 2013 and located in London, U.K. Cex.io was started as a cloud mining provider but later shut down mining services and is currently operating as a cryptocurrency exchange platform that enables trading several cryptocurrencies and such fiat money as USD, EUR, GBP and RUB. Cex.io is registered in the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network as a money service business. Cex.io requires verification of all users due to Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies. These measures, high levels of security, due diligence of users and transaction data helped Cex.io to receive the second level certificate of the Payment Card Industry Security Standard. This certificate confirms that Cex.io has a secure network, strong access control measures, a regularly monitored system and a maintained information security policy.
In the UK, seven of the largest cryptocurrency companies in the world have formed the first self-regulating trade body, CryptoUK.
UK: Coinbase, CEX.IO & Other Major Crypto Firms Create First Self-Regulating Trade Body
Helen Partz
Korea is taking the Chinese approach to new ICOs, however, those already established are being further legitimized as Zcash is added to Bithumb.
Despite Korean 'Ban', Bithumb Adds Zcash
Darryn Pollock
You have some Bitcoins but don’t know where to spend them? Look no further than this article.
Bitcoin Accepted Here: Where to Spend Your BTC
Kari Stray
Visa is in hot competition to serve the unbanked as Blockchain startups such as BitPesa make ever-increasing inroads.
Visa: ‘No One Embraces Digital Currency Benefits More Than Us’
William Suberg
CEX.io, one of the earliest and largest Bitcoin cloud mining and exchange companies, has reported passing a milestone of $40M worth of deposits from bank credit...
Bitcoin Exchange Trends 2016: Cheap Deposits, Instant Withdrawals and Margin Trading
Andrew Marshall
Regulatory bureau for banks within the United States Department of the Treasury called for a “balanced” approach to Bitcoin regulation and more news
AUG 11 DIGEST: Tokyo Police Suspect Karpelès Embezzled Funds; US Bank Regulator Calls for Balanced Bitcoin Oversight
Aaron van Wirdum
Bitcoin is the fastest growing sector for startup investment; Keybase raises over 10 million in investment round Led by Andreessen Horowitz and other news.
JUL 20 DIGEST: Bitcoin is the Fastest Growing Area of VC Funding; Keybase Raises $10.8 Million
Aaron van Wirdum
21 Inc. plans to embed ASIC bitcoin mining chips into everyday devices, BitGo is said to be patenting Bitcoin's multi signature capabilities, and more news. ...
MAY 1 DIGEST: 21 Inc. to Embed ASIC Bitcoin Mining Chips Into Everyday Devices, BitGo Said to be Patenting Bitcoin Multisig
Aaron van Wirdum

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