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Charles Hoskinson is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and entrepreneur. Besides this Charles Hoskinson is IOHK’s (aka Input Output) CEO. IOHK is a global engineering and technology company, providing financial services via the use of innovative peer-to-peer (p2p) networks for people who don’t have access to traditional banking. In addition, Charles Hoskinson’s bio also includes working as the CEO of the Ethereum Network from 2013 to 2014 and working as a director of the Bitcoin Education Project since 2013. Charles Hoskinson Cardano news is all about the partnership of IOHK and the Cardano platform/cryptocurrency. This could result in IOHK projects, developed and served Cardano, continuing until 2020. IOHK, it should be noted, also works with Ethereum Classic. Charles Hoskinson’s net worth is about $500-600 million and he is rated as one of the richest people in the crypto community.
In an industry first, Input Output Global and the Scottish university will provide continuous tracking of digital assets by a methodology that has yet to be det...
Decentralization index from Cardano builder, U of Edinburgh will help users understand assets
Derek Andersen
According to Charles Hoskinson, projects that have survived both bull and bear markets over the years were “resilient under an adversarial load” — and many DeFi...
‘Great cryptocurrencies have to go through several collapses’ — Cardano founder
Turner Wright
Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has repurposed the Ethereum Classic Twitter account to now benefit the Ergo Platform.
670K follower ETH Classic account turns into Ergo: What happened?
Luke Huigsloot
Altcoin Watch
Most Cardano hard forks have preceded ADA price crashes, and Vasil looks no different.
Cardano bulls run out of steam after Vasil hard fork — 40% ADA price crash in play
Yashu Gola
Hoskinson called the Ethereum Merge a flawed PoS implementation, claiming custodial staking would create issues for the network in the long run.
Charles Hoskinson and Ethereum dev get into a war of words post-Vasil upgrade
Prashant Jha
Altcoin Watch
Cardano's Vasil update is expected to be a bullish event, but macro fears are strongly countering the upside bias.
Cardano (ADA) eyes 15% rally despite Charles Hoskinson's fear over 'macro factors'
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
ADA prints modest upside moves that may run out of steam due to weak technicals and macro factors.
Cardano gets listed on Robinhood but ADA bulls are running out of steam, risking 40% drop
Yashu Gola
Universities implement physical and virtual research hubs dedicated to advancing blockchain technology through scientific and educational knowledge.
Blockchain firms fund university research hubs to advance growth
Rachel Wolfson

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