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Charles Hoskinson is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and entrepreneur. Besides this Charles Hoskinson is IOHK’s (aka Input Output) CEO. IOHK is a global engineering and technology company, providing financial services via the use of innovative peer-to-peer (p2p) networks for people who don’t have access to traditional banking. In addition, Charles Hoskinson’s bio also includes working as the CEO of the Ethereum Network from 2013 to 2014 and working as a director of the Bitcoin Education Project since 2013. Charles Hoskinson Cardano news is all about the partnership of IOHK and the Cardano platform/cryptocurrency. This could result in IOHK projects, developed and served Cardano, continuing until 2020. IOHK, it should be noted, also works with Ethereum Classic. Charles Hoskinson’s net worth is about $500-600 million and he is rated as one of the richest people in the crypto community.
Vitalik in Top-100 innovators, Cardano’s smart contract launch and carbon NFT’s — all coming to you this week in Finance Redefined.
Finance Redefined: Maverick Vitalik in Time Mag, Sept. 13–17
Tom Farren
One third-party explorer puts the number of time-locked Cardano smart contracts over 2,000.
200 smart contracts on Cardano... but there’s a catch
Brian Newar
Afghans will leverage crypto assets as a store of value and to preserve financial privacy amid the Taliban’s dramatic insurgence, predicts Charles Hoskinson.
Cardano founder says crypto will be vital to Afghani fight against Taliban
Inigo Vaca
Altcoin Watch
A classic technical pattern points to a 20% price rally in the Cardano market, with its profit target sitting above $3.
Cardano chart painting a bull flag for $3 ADA price ahead of ERC-20 converter launch
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
ADA has gained 57% in the past 3 weeks, but derivatives data shows pro investors aren’t bullish yet.
Cardano price is hot, but data shows pro investors haven’t warmed up yet
Marcel Pechman
“What the hell is the point of Bitcoin?” asks Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson.
If the peer review system is broken, what the hell is the point of Cardano's reliance on it?
John Mac Ghlionn
Bitcoin is too slow when compared to Ethereum and other proof-of-stake networks, argued Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson.
Bitcoin is ‘own worst enemy’ and will lose to Ethereum: Charles Hoskinson
Martin Young
Markets News
Fears of a nasty pre-Memorial Day sell-off in cryptocurrencies may have been overstated, early indicators suggest.
Cardano leads tepid crypto market recovery ahead of Memorial Day
Sam Bourgi

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