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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a United States service that provides foreign intelligence by gathering national security information and analyzing it. CIA special agents are engaged in domestic and foreign spying, the funding of various political groups in foreign countries, investigations, audit and many other fields of work. As an organization actively engaged in information gathering, the CIA is highly interested in IT and blockchain technology. The interest of the CIA in crypto is can be seen in two ways: the use of cryptocurrency as money for funding a wide variety of projects — including terrorist organizations and drug sellers — and the usage of crypto as a way of making a secure exchange of information. The CIA’s crypto interest is contained to the possibilities of blockchain to build a network of highly trusted nodes and in the security of information both for CIA use and for the control over financial flows and product circulation.
The unfortunate "Crypto" brand name causes the company to shut down.
Troubled Crypto AG successor reportedly dismisses 70 employees
Helen Partz
Through Crypto AG, the U.S. government has spied on the world for more than half a century, proving the need for private crypto and blockchain solutions.
CIA Has Had Keys to Global Communication Encryption Since WWII
Benjamin Pirus
Edward Snowden also brushed off claims that bitcoin is mainly used by criminals, arguing: “There are a hell of a lot more criminals that use the dollar.”
Edward Snowden Used Bitcoin to Pay for Servers Used in NSA Leak
Thomas Simms
Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are subject to renewed speculation of US criminal charges following increased CIA rhetoric.
Assange, WikiLeaks Members Under Threat As Trump Changes Course
William Suberg
A group of hackers called Shadow Brokers reveals the NSA likely hacked into SWIFT and knew about compromises in Microsoft Windows.
US Spooks Compromised SWIFT Banking Network: Hackers Group
Shivdeep Dhaliwal
After the Vault7 release by Wikileaks, Cointelegraph offers advice on how to secure your devices in the age of global surveillance.
Vault7: Are Your Bitcoins Safe?
Andrew Marshall
The dust is failing to settle on the Vault 7 CIA scandal as WikiLeaks highlights ‘targeted’ devices in a public list.
WikiLeaks Creates List of CIA Targeted Consumer Devices: Vault 7
William Suberg
Wikileaks has revealed CIA secret documents that detail how it kept most-used phones, computers, TV sets, cars vulnerable to its spyware, bypassing all encoding...
CIA Bypasses Encryption on Popular Devices, Apps, Infects Them With Spyware: WikiLeaks
Shivdeep Dhaliwal

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