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Cody Wilson is an American political activist and the founder of Defense Distributed, a nonprofit organization that aims to provide people with open-source gun designs for 3D printing and digital manufacturing. Cody Wilson was born in 1988 in Little Rock, Arkansas, but later moved to Austin, Texas. Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed gathered attention in 2013 when the Liberator — the first fully 3D-printable handgun — was designed by the organization. Cody Wilson’s net worth has not been revealed and is hard to estimate because of Wilson’s crypto-anarchist views and his activity with cryptocurrency. Cody Wilson’s Twitter account has more than 17,000 followers and is where Wilson publishes news about gun-related legislations, Defense Distributed projects and weapon technologies.
The developers of Darkwallet, the intentionally controversial and OBPP award winning Privacy Bitcoin client are believed to have abandoned the project.
Darkwallet Developers Go Dark
Juan S. Galt
Cody Wilson, 27 — founder and CEO of Defense Distributed (DD) and the creator of the world's first 3D printable gun
‘Without Projects That Express Principles, You Have Nothing of a Revolution’
Jamie Redman
The hosts of the Austin-based Crypto Show, which covers libertarianism and Bitcoin topics, have started a fundraiser for the Ulbricht family.
'I Am Lyn Ulbricht': A Mother ‘Doubles Down’ for Her Son Against the ‘Failed Drug War’
Jamie Redman
Darkwallet’s Cody Wilson has been denied shipping support from FedEx over a computer-controlled mill, which allows anyone to manufacture the bodies for anonymou...
Cody Wilson’s ‘Ghost Gunner’ Shipments Blocked by FedEx
William Suberg
While Americans were going to the polls Tuesday, Upstart Business Journal’s Michael del Castillo reported that Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed and Darkwallet...
Cody Wilson’s War: Dark Wallet Co-Founder Plans to Infiltrate, Destroy Bitcoin Foundation
Armand Tanzarian
As summer events of the Bitcoin environment are already announced, spring meetups open details and populate up-to-date schedules. The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada...
Toronto Bitcoin Expo Team Reveals Details of the Event
Agatha Bookchin
Cody Wilson, most famous as the guy who invented a gun that can be made with a 3D printer, has offered but a handful of clues into his new project, Dark Wallet.
We are learning more about Dark Wallet
Eric Barrier

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