Coin360 News is an interactive infographic created to display current data on the cryptocurrency market, indicating the current market capitalization of all significant cryptocurrencies. Each infographic block has a different size and color, and a cryptocurrency ticker, such as BTC, ETH, XRP. The size and color of each block have their own meaning.

By default, the block size corresponds to the relative size of the market capitalization of each currency, and the color of the block corresponds to the price movement of that currency. Green indicates the price is growing, and red indicates it’s falling. The goal of the product is to provide users with a comprehensive view of the current state of the cryptocurrency market in a visually engaging and easy to understand format.

A tracker that delivers the latest crypto prices in visual form has unveiled new features to help its users keep on top of market movements.
Tracker Offers One-Stop Shop for Easy Crypto Market Analysis
Connor Blenkinsop
Ever wonder how traders have a sixth sense about where crypto prices are heading? Well, a lot of it depends on charts. Discover their secrets here.
How to Predict Crypto Price Trends, Explained
Connor Blenkinsop
Press Release
Interactive cryptocurrency market tracker Coin360 has retooled its API (Application Programming Interface), giving its whole platform a boost.
Coin360: Price Updates Even Faster with New API
Press Release
A new partnership has formed with Coin360 and Changelly, one of the biggest and well-known crypto exchange services, joining forces.
Coin360 Collaborating With Changelly
Press Release
Coin360 is adding a new feature that will allow users to assess the current market situation more easily.
Introducing Coin360's Exchanges: Now Users Can Follow a Range of Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Press Release
Coin360 has added a new watchlist feature to their platform.
Coin360 Has Released Watchlist, a New Feature Enabling Users to Customize Their Heatmaps
Press Release
COIN360 – a cryptocurrency tracker that visualizes market conditions for all tokens and currencies on one screen – has introduced a new auto-update feature to ...
Coin360 Users Will Now Be Able to Follow The Market In Real Time Using Auto-Update

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