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A copyright is a legally claimed status that provides the author of an original work with exclusive rights on how it may be used by other people. Copyright is a form of intellectual property that is mostly used for the protection of a creative work. Copyright suffers from problems of the uncertainty of either the date and author of the original invention. Blockchain copyright systems may be a solution for those problems. Blockchain copyright protection is built on the sustainability of registered information not being changed after its recorded. New systems may use blockchain copyrights for music, texts, pieces of art, IT inventions and any other type of information. The inclusion of blockchain copyright into law may reduce the amount of people needed for maintaining the patent bureau, archives and other establishments that works on intellectual property protection.
Nafty has launched an erotic-themed NFT marketplace, while DeviantArt is tracking down art theft on NFT marketplaces, and the Rugby League World Cup is dropping...
Nifty News: Nafty launches naughty NFT site, Dutch DJ pushes limits of physical NFTs
Brian Quarmby
Blockchain technology and nonfungible tokens are transforming the way that intellectual property is licensed and sold.
Capturing lost intellectual property revenues with blockchain
Mrinal Manohar
Nonfungible tokens would be problematic without the validation and verification of copyright ownership in the NFT-minting process.
Minting, distributing and selling NFTs must involve copyright law
Harsch Khandelwal
Expert Take
Nonfungible tokens under the juridical and legal perspective are still in evolution, and there are more questions than answers.
Nonfungible tokens from a legal perspective
Tatiana Revoredo
News must now remove the Bitcoin white paper, host a notice referring to the court’s judgment, and pay $48,600 to cover Wright’s legal costs.
Craig Wright wins default judgment, must remove Bitcoin white paper
Samuel Haig
NFTs are not an immediate solution to all IP rights issues, but eventually they can give creators more power than they ever had.
A cure for copyright ills? NFTs promise to empower creative economies
Kirill Bryanov
Use Case
What are NFT platforms doing to protect their users against copyright infringement, and what steps can artists take to ensure their work isn’t repurposed withou...
Copyright infringement and NFTs: How artists can protect themselves
Connor Sephton
Algorand helps secure almost 100,000 authors' copyrights, NFTs raise breast cancer awareness, the New York Times gets in on the action, and more.
Nifty News: Italian copyright agency mints 4M NFTs, breast cancer LINK found, and more
Joshua Mapperson

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