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Corruption is the process of using political power in order to gain personal benefit. Corruption is one of the main problems of today’s world, emerging in an absolute majority of countries and leading to hard consequences for the population. The biggest problem of it is the prevention of development caused by corruption in developing countries. The question of how to end corruption is crucially important for the future development of most nations. Solutions for corruption may be found in political, economic and technological measures. Blockchain technology may become a solution of corruption by being implemented in budget control and voting processes. Blockchain corruption-preventing measures are easier to maintain in developed countries but are possible for developing countries with the help of blockchain-based companies and support of the U.N.
A subsidiary of has reached an agreement to help Liberia digitize government services.
Overstock Subsidiary to Help Liberia Digitize Services, Boost Economy with Blockchain
Thomas Simms
Software company Autodesk CEO said that blockchain can help combat corruption in the construction industry.
Autodesk CEO: Blockchain Can Stem Corruption in Construction Industry
Ana Alexandre
The city of Shenzhen and a state-owned aerospace firm now use blockchain to keep track of invoices.
The “Fapiao” Case: How China Is Fighting Corruption With Blockchain
Stephen O'Neal
Expert Take
What’s happening in the nation with the largest crypto investor base in the continent
Brazil’s Operação Lava Jato Paves The Way To Blockchain Implementation: Expert Take
Selva Ozelli
Expert Take
The ICO ban drove-out several startup healthcare Blockchain companies to launch their ICOs abroad.
South Korea Wants to Set a Desirable Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Policy: Expert Take
Selva Ozelli
Expert Take
South African president resigns under cloud of financial scandal that involved several banks.
South African President Steps Down as Banks Embrace Blockchain Technology
Selva Ozelli
Expert Take
US Government agencies launch new projects to keep up with the economy’s digital transformation. Blockchain and cryptocurrency issues are on the agenda of the W...
US Government Implements Blockchain Programs to Improve Transparency and Efficiency: Expert Blog
Selva Ozelli
Much Wow
Devcon3 attendees get automatic flight delay compensation but police arrest several in bribe shakedown.
Devcon3 Attendees’ Blockchain Insurance Can’t Stop Mexico Police Corruption
William Suberg

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