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Counterparty definition is a project that aims to expand Bitcoin functionality by including new operations on top of regular Bitcoin transactions. Counterparty protocol is open-sourced and allows users to create new digital tokens and establish smart contract that are performed within the Bitcoin blockchain. Counterparty provides users with built-in scripting language to write their own protocols and programs. Counterparty has its own coin (XCP) that is used to pay for the performance of smart contracts and is implemented in the voting system of the counterparty community. Counterparty tries to eliminate the risks of using cryptocurrency with their own crypto wallet, which never stores private keys on servers, encrypts all information sent to them and erases every session’s information after the users log out.
Galaxy Digital founder and CEO Mike Novogratz was unfazed by the firm’s $175.8-million loss as he emphasized the importance of digital asset adoption.
Billionaire Mike Novogratz unfazed by Galaxy Digital’s $175.8M loss in Q2
Brian Quarmby
The popular meme known as Pepe the Frog is becoming a tradeable CounterParty asset through the Bitcoin Blockchain.
Rare Pepe Cards Become Tradeable CounterParty Asset, Now Has Value
Angus Leung
Counterparty enters the non-Bitcoin world by teaming up with the physical card game Force of Will as it prepares to launch its first digital game assets.
Counterparty to Convert Card Game Players into Bitcoin Users
Rebecca Campbell
Cointelegraph spoke to Trevor Altpeter and Matt Young, directors of the Counterparty Foundation, about the partnership with Storj, micropayments, and the Lightn...
Bitcoin Blockchain Proof-of-concept: Storj and Counterparty Partner to Add Support for Payment Channels
Rebecca Campbell
Counterparty is to launch Ethereum’s Virtual Machine on testnet in two weeks, bringing Ethereum’s smart contract functionality to Bitcoin.
Bitcoin to Gain Ethereum’s Functionality Through Counterparty, Launch by Autumn
Andrew Quentson
Is this the beginning of the end of Ethereum? How valuable will the EVM be to the network?
From Ethereum Virtual Machine to Bitcoin Blockchain: Questions raised by Counterparty
Olusegun Ogundeji
Decentralized exchanges have paralleled projects such as Colored Coins that allow for individual claims of ownership via the blockchain.
IndieSquare Wallet vs Others: Is it a Step Forward?
Jacob Reagan
Counterparty and Dogeparty are similar protocols built on top of Bitcoin and Dogecoin blockchains, the function of which is to allow any individual user to issu...
CoinDaddy & The Rise Of Asset Vending Machines
Connie Kearney

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