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A court is a tribunal that has the authority to provide legal processes of resolving disputes between parties in criminal, civil and administrative matters relying on the law. The court is one of the branches of power and is crucial to the political, economical and social prosperity of the country it’s in. The decisions of the court may be crucial to any industry working under its jurisdiction. For example, a court can pause or cancel an unconstitutional law or establish new law enforcement practices in fields like IT, minerals, environment and others. The court has already been involved in the blockchain industry. Courts are working on Bitcoin-fraud cases, making decisions about measures of restraint for criminals that were operating with blockchain-based platforms and more. Famous blockchain-related court cases include Ross Ulbricht’s case about the dark market Silk Road and Mark Karpeles case concerning the Mt.Gox exchange bankruptcy.
Tether says it did not deny prosecutors’ request to consolidate three lawsuits the stablecoin and its sister exchange Bitfinex are facing.
Tether Claims to Be Okay With Merger of Class-Action Lawsuits Against It
Benjamin Pirus
In line with a November court ruling, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov gave a deposition regarding alleged violation of U.S. securities law by Gram token sale.
Telegram CEO’s 18-Hour Deposition Transcript Is Published Online
Helen Partz
Three days of the Supreme Court of India’s hearing on the ban on bank interactions with cryptocurrencies throughout the country.
Three Days of Hearings Before India’s Supreme Court on Crypto Ban
Marie Huillet
The U.S. state of New Hampshire fails to pass its second bill to accept crypto for tax payments due to the high volatility of Bitcoin.
New Hampshire’s Second Bill to Accept Bitcoin as Tax Payment Fails
Helen Partz
Bithumb has taken the South Korean National Tax Service to court over a multi-million dollar tax levy.
Bithumb Cryptocurrency Exchange Goes to Court Over $69M Tax Bill
Adrian Zmudzinski
Follow up
Bitcoin scam ads featuring Martin Lewis appear on Instagram less than a year after Lewis settled a defamation suit with Facebook.
More Bitcoin Scam Ads With Martin Lewis on Instagram — Can We Get a Filter for That?
Osato Avan-Nomayo
Blockvest’s founder Reginald Ringgold is alleged to have forged signatures and encouraged false declarations in key lawsuit evidence, the SEC argues.
Blockvest's Defense Based on Falsified Documents, Claims SEC
Andrey Shevchenko
Legal counsel for one of several active class-action lawsuits against iFinex for allegedly manipulating BTC’s price has filed to lead the entire class and proce...
The Race to Lead 3 Class-Action Suits Against Bitfinex Over 2017 BTC Bull Run Is On
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