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Craig Wright is an Australian entrepreneur and, according to his words, Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto — the founder of Bitcoin. Craig Wright’s Bitcoin involvement lies in his investment into cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges and other businesses related to those technologies. In the summer of 2008, a few months before Satoshi Nakamoto published his research work about Bitcoin, Craig Wright had posted almost the same content on his personal blog. By 2015, he had been known simply for his idea to open a Bitcoin bank. Nevertheless, he was first connected with Satoshi in 2015, when two magazines had published research based on private correspondence with Wright. The same year he admitted that he was Satoshi. However, not all magazines and experts believe it is true.
Craig Wright has warned the BTC and BCH communities to stop using his Bitcoin database illegally.
Craig Wright Threatens BTC and BCH With Potential Lawsuits
Ting Peng
William Shatner has expressed doubts over whether Australian computer scientist Craig Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin.
William Shatner Doubts Craig Wright’s Claims to Inventing Bitcoin
Adrian Zmudzinski
The Kleiman estate counsel has accused Craig Wright of abusing attorney client privilege to withhold documents and confuse trial proceedings.
Craig Wright Accused of Confusing Trial Proceedings
Marie Huillet
Bitcoin SV underwent a network upgrade that raised or removed almost all existing limits, but the old chain continued to exist as it added one block.
Bitcoin SV Genesis Upgrade Results in Chain Split
Andrey Shevchenko
Follow up
Craig Wright has pulled out the last trump card from his sleeve in the court case that indirectly tests his claim to be the Bitcoin creator.
Craig Wright Court Saga Nears Judgment Day With More Questions Than Answers
Kirill Bryanov
In an interview with Cointelegraph, Craig Wright still claims to be confident that he will get access to the Bitcoin fortune locked up with the Tulip Trust.
Interview: Craig Wright Still ‘99.9999%’ Sure That He’ll Get Access to BTC Fortune
Kollen Post
Markets News
The altcoin Wright claims is the “real” Bitcoin has lost investors who bought on Jan. 15 almost half their money.
Bitcoin SV Drops 40% as Lawyer Admits Craig Wright Has No Private Keys
William Suberg
Markets News
A giant Bitcoin transaction between two unknown addresses was subsequently claimed by Bitfinex, which was reloading its hot wallet.
No, It Wasn’t Craig Wright: Bitfinex Moves $1B in Bitcoin for 48 Cents
William Suberg

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