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The cryptocurrency paradigm was heralded by the launch of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2008, inspiring a new technological and social movement. The goal of cryptocurrencies is to provide a medium for global, peer-to-peer transaction settlement that preserves privacy and financial security.

A cryptocurrency monetary policy is enforced through a unique blend of software, cryptography and financial incentives rather than the whim of trusted third parties such as central banks, corporations or governments. Cryptocurrencies are powered by cryptographically secure, verifiable transaction databases called blockchains, which provide their security and transparency.

A cryptocurrency network consists of a global community of stakeholders, including the validators that secure the network while adding transactions to the blockchain, the traders who speculate on these radically market-driven assets, and the builders working to onboard people to this new financial paradigm. 

At Cointelegraph, we are chronicling the ongoing story of cryptocurrency and the rise of a borderless, permissionless financial system. How will industry stakeholders work to make crypto a mainstay in people’s lives? How will crypto investments change the paradigm of the current financial system? And will incumbent and legacy systems accept or fight this change?

Stay tuned: Cryptocurrencies are going to play a big role heading into the future.

It's unclear what role crypto may play in the community, given that Tanzania's central bank banned digital assets in November 2019.
Crypto-loving anti-vax group seeks like-minded talent to live in African 'paradise'
Turner Wright
Follow up
While we are unlikely to see immediate policy effects of the exchange, legislators got educated on a wide array of blockchain-related concepts and issues.
Lawmakers explore Bitcoin mining efficiency, broader crypto policy issues during Congress hearing
Kirill Bryanov
Twitter users reacted to the most recent Bitcoin price dump below $40,000 with various levels of emotion.
Crypto Twitter responds to Bitcoin dump: ‘Ok cool’
Ezra Reguerra
CasperLabs is building an open-permissioned blockchain protocol and will be a service provider to China’s Blockchain-based Service Network.
CasperLabs to become blockchain of choice for the city of Fuzhou, China
Zhiyuan Sun
Global crypto users could top a billion by the end of 2022, according to a new report by
Nations to adopt Bitcoin, crypto users to reach 1B by 2023: Report
Joseph Hall
Crypto proponents point their finger to the Fed interest rate hike, Wall Street and Russia as the prominent reasons behind the $500 billion crypto market wipe o...
3 wildest theories explaining $500B crypto market crash
Prashant Jha
Thai ruling party MP calls for due diligence from Excise Department to study the crypto market carefully before imposing any tax.
Crypto taxation could deter investors, says Thai ruling party MP
Prashant Jha
A recent Senate report on digital asset regulation is a pro-crypto statement of intent from the Australian government that the world can learn from.
Australia’s plan to create a crypto competitive edge in 12 steps
Fred Schebesta

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