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The Czech Republic is a central European country with a population of a little less than 10 million people and an area of around 78,800 square kilometers. The economy of the Czech Republic is often described as developed, with high incomes. The Czech Republic has strong IT development, transportation infrastructure and manufacturing industry that produces most of country’s income. There are no restrictions on Bitcoin in the Czech Republic. Bitcoin exchanges in Czech Republic are maintained by several companies and is totally legal. Czech authorities do not consider Bitcoin to be electronic money and classify it as an intangible asset for accounting and taxes. The country has a developed cryptocurrency infrastructure and onе might find Bitcoin ATMs in The Czech Republic, invest in ICOs and trade crypto for a living.

The Czech National Bank claimed that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin do not pose a threat to the conventional banking system.
Czech National Bank Assures Cryptocurrencies Do Not Threaten Traditional Banking System
Joshua Althauser
Pavel Veselik from Maximus Coin on the Bitcoin cloud mining industry in the Czech Republic, its challenges and opportunities.
Cloud Mining Czech Style: How to Get Most Out Of Your Bitcoin
Alicia Naumoff
Students can now use Bitcoin to pay for tuition in Prague. The CEVRO Institut University in Prague has become the next university to accept Bitcoin.
Prague CEVRO University Endorses Bitcoin Payments for Master’s Programs
Karel Fillner
Czech leading payment gateway has announced that they’ve hopped on the bitcoin bandwagon and offer more than 2000 merchants to accept digital currency ...
Czech Biggest Payment Gateway GoPay Now Accepts Bitcoin
Martin Rojko
In today’s internet-driven multimedia age, media branding is spreading more quickly and easily than ever before.
How Sociability is Driving the Media Franchise in 2015
William Suberg
Cointelegraph is proud to announce the launch of our new regional website in the Czech Republic.
Czech Republic Crypto Community Bolstered by Cointelegraph’s Regional Launch
Allen Scott
The development team behind Nextcoin, or NXT as it’s more commonly called, has reached out to their users everywhere to crowdfund the hands-on crypto education ...
NXT Brings Cryptocurrency to Czech University Curriculum
Amanda B. Johnson
Award-winning Czech guerrilla artist collective Ztohoven, opens up the Paralelní Polis in Holešovice, a space serving as a hacker space, a hub, with a Bitcoin-o...
Award-Winning Czech Artist Collective Ztohoven Opens Hacker Space 'Paralelní Polis' in Prague
Diana Ngo

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