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A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is an idea for a firm that is ruled with enforced digital rules and without hierarchical management. DAO as an idea is very close to Bitcoin in its attempt to get rid of all middlemen in transactions.
The most important attempt to create DAO is “The DAO”--a machine-operating venture organization launched in 2016. The basic idea for an interested person was to put money into the system and then get an amount of votes used for elections of ideas worth investing in. Even the biggest critics of DAOs were in love with the idea, but they also found a lot of flaws and security holes in “The DAO”. Although the project failed within a couple of months because of the hack which resulted into hackers gaining control over 3.6 million Ether, it was a big success as a first product of sorts, gathering money from more than 10,000 users. It is likely that we will hear some DAO news soon. 

According to the exchange, it plans to retain 16 cards from the blockchain-based game Spells of Genesis to sell before 2022 and give the remaining 16 to its DAO...
ShapeShift hopes to create ‘rarest and most historical’ NFTs with 80% trading card supply burn
Turner Wright
Altcoin Watch
OHM price is on the verge of a new high after a series of cross platform integrations, fresh bond offerings and the launch of Olympus Pro prove that the project...
Olympus DAO chases a new ATH after fresh bond offerings and partnerships
Jordan Finneseth
Innovation in the NFT space moves about as fast as the prices. Here’s a rundown of the most recent developments.
Airdrops, DAOs, token issuance and public domains are the next frontier for NFTs
Horus Hughes
Speaking on Bitcoin: “In some ways, the number of critics matters much less than the strength of the supporters.”
Vitalik talks DAOs, Ethereum and NFTs in new interview
Tom Farren
Mirror opens decentralized blogging to the public, a Bank of America report is bullish on DeFi, and MakerDAO considers climate initiatives.
Finance Redefined: MakerDAO goes green and BoA bullish on DeFi, Oct. 1–8
Tom Farren
Market Update
LINA, SCRT and PRE each rallied by 20% and Bitcoin’s attempt to flip $50,000 to support could extend the current rally seen across the altcoin market.
Traders pile into altcoins after Bitcoin bulls take hold of $50K
Jordan Finneseth
Crypto advocates remind socially accountable and helpful media platforms are possible with decentralization.
Likes out: Facebook blackout sparks ideas for Web 3.0
Tom Farren
Can decentralized autonomous organizations change how the world is governed? Here is a detailed look.
DAOs can solve important dilemmas but more education is required
Jinia Shawdagor

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