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Built based on a decentralized framework, such as blockchain or other distributed ledger technology, decentralized applications — also known as decentralized apps, or DApps — offer products, services, games and more. DApps can offer solutions similar to the centralized apps of the mainstream world, although traditional applications function on a centralized backend with a single point of failure.

Entities can build DApps on a number of blockchains. Ethereum DApps are built on Ethereum’s blockchain, for example, while Tron DApps run on Tron’s blockchain. Blockchains operate as the backbone for these applications, giving DApps greater security through decentralization. DApps can also cut out reliance on third parties that produce or host the technology on which centralized applications may be built.

Altcoin Watch
Increased activity in Solana’s NFT markets and decentralized applications are pushing SOL price back toward year-to-date highs.
Why is Solana (SOL) price up this week?
Marcel Pechman
Market Analysis
Ether price struggles amid regulatory concerns and a drop in DApp usage.
Ethereum price falls as regulatory worries and pause in DApp use impact investor sentiment
Marcel Pechman
Decentralized file sharing is a peer-to-peer network system where files are distributed across multiple nodes, eliminating the need for a central server.
Decentralized file sharing, explained
Guneet Kaur
Market Analysis
Despite regulatory action against Binance, a surge in Ethereum network activity and the expectation of a spot ETF approval fueled a price move above $2,000.
Ethereum (ETH) price reclaims $2K as data shows a surge in network activity
Marcel Pechman
Altcoin Watch
Solana's overbought correction has picked momentum after its mention in the SEC's latest lawsuit against Kraken. Is the SOL bull run finally over?
Why is Solana (SOL) price down today?
Yashu Gola
How to
Explore the evolving world of NFT DApps: decentralized, blockchain-powered applications revolutionizing digital ownership and creative monetization.
What are NFT DApps, and how to create and launch one?
Jagjit Singh
Builders are increasingly looking to streamline their applications with more familiar interfaces to onboard new users.
Boosting blockchain adoption by keeping tech on the back end
Anthony Clarke
Altcoin Watch
SOL hit its highest price since May 2022, possibly due to an uptick in DApp use and a few other key factors.
Solana price hits a new 2023 high — What’s behind the SOL rally?
Marcel Pechman

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