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DDoS, or distributed denial-of-service attack, is a cyber-attack which disables a network for intended users by flooding the target with many different sources in order to overload the system. There are a lot of DDoS software tools available on the internet, many of which are quite user-friendly. Still, DDoS attacks are extremely dangerous and may cause the loss of millions of dollars, depending on the duration of the attack. Of course, there are a lot of ways to protect against a DDoS attack, such as firewalls, blackhole routing, upstream filtering and others. Bitcoin has some built-in protections against DDoS attacks, but is still vulnerable and may be slowed down by them. Cryptocurrency exchanges and various web-sites of concrete currency may be attacked, made unavailable for users and even be robbed for some amount of tokens while being under a DDoS attack.
Follow up
Overview of the most “catastrophic bug in recent years.” Why did Bitcoin Core developers keep it a secret?
The Anatomy of Bitcoin Core’s Recent Bug
Julia Magas
U.S. authorities are concerned about blockchain data, which until recently has been considered immutable. What’s behind the new Michigan bill aimed at protectin...
Immutability in Doubt: Do We Need to Protect Blockchain Data?
Julia Magas
Weiss’ lacklustre rating of Bitcoin as ‘C+’ has led to South Korea launching an offensive against its website.
Weiss Ratings Gives Bitcoin C+, Sparks South Korean DDoS Revenge
William Suberg
How Etherium-based solution can change the way companies manage data.
When IaaS Meets Blockchain
Guest Author
Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken sees extended downtime after major upgrade goes wrong, infuriates users by giving engineers time off to rest before relaunching s...
Kraken Down Nearly 48 Hours, Gives Engineers Time to ‘Rest' Before Resuming Service
David Dinkins
3 out of 4 Bitcoin sites gets attacked, based on industry report.
Report Shows Cryptocurrency Exchanges Most Common DDoS Victims Worldwide
Joshua Althauser
As if the massive influx of users wasn’t enough to deal with, cryptocurrency exchanges have to deal with the constant threat of DDoS attacks.
How DDOS Attacks Affect Bitcoin Exchanges
Gareth Jenkinson
One of the fundamental benefits of Blockchain technology is the provision of alternatives in the ways that users can retain control over their assets, and reven...
Control and Rewards: The Two Fundamental Benefits of the Blockchain
Iyke Aru

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