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Debit cards are plastic payment cards, that draw money directly from a user’s bank account to perform a transaction. A debit card is used as a more convenient analog of cash and its use is gradually overtaking the use of other methods of transactions. There are also prepaid debit cards that are issued to have limited value and can’t be refilled, though these are not commonly used. Debit cards make storing money easier when compared with cash, but they also have their issues. For example, you may not be able to complete a transaction, if its provider has technical issues, it may not be accepted by the other party of the transaction and, finally, it may be compromised while being used to pay for something on an insecure website. In some countries, debit card payments are charged by banks with a small fee, but it may be a cause for a retailer not to perform small transactions with debit cards.
Crypto debit cards continue to catch on as an Australian digital assets startup gets approval from Visa to release a spending card down under.
Visa to approve Bitcoin spending card for Australian startup CryptoSpend
Helen Partz
Payment giant Visa will continue connecting the crypto economy to its “network of networks” to support the broader digital transformation of financial services.
Visa reports over $1 billion in crypto spending in H1 2021
Helen Partz
Touted for its ability to allow users to "leverage the digital assets in their day-to-day lives,” the Bakkt Visa debit card is now available for online and in-s...
Institutional exchange launches crypto debit card
Turner Wright
How to crypto
Crypto debit cards are growing in popularity as holders look for effortless ways to spend their assets.
Got crypto? Here are 3 debit cards that let you spend your stack
Jordan Finneseth
Crypto exchange Gemini has integrated deposits via Apple Pay and Google Pay to simplify crypto purchases.
Gemini users can now buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay and Google Pay
Helen Partz
Altcoin Watch
StormX has quietly rallied more than 2,800% since February as the project's crypto rewards program and plans to launch a debit card bear fruit for early investo...
3 reasons why StormX (STMX) price has rallied 2,800% in 2021
Jordan Finneseth
The Central Bank of the Bahamas partnered with Mastercard and digital payment startup Island Pay to launch a card for its central bank digital currency.
The Bahamas gets a card for its sand dollar national digital currency
Helen Partz
After launching a crypto debit card in the U.S., Uphold is planning to roll out a multi-asset crypto card in Europe in April 2021.
Uphold to launch crypto cards in Europe with new acquisition
Helen Partz

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