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Devcon, short for a developer conference, is an event that gathers IT specialists to talk about some list of various topics, usually united by some shared idea. Devcon conferences are held by various IT companies, including both technology giants like IBM and Microsoft and smaller companies or technology startups. For example, the Ethereum Foundation held such events as the Devcon 3 conference, where Ethereum Team members spoke about new products, approaches and possibilities of the platform. Devcon conferences are held every year in different places and with different backgrounds, so every developer can find the event of his or her interest. Devcon conference in Las Vegas called DEF CON is held annually and is focused on digital security, hacking and privacy issues. The DEF CON team announced the next devcon conference in 2018 will be held August 9-12 in Caesar’s Palace & Flamingo.
The Ethereum Foundation has postponed Devcon VI until 2021 and will host it in Bogota, Colombia.
Devcon 6: 2020 is a Write-Off, Let’s Try 2021 in Colombia
Joshua Mapperson
In order to become a validator on the Ethereum 2.0, one is required to maintain 32 Ether, worth of $5,300 at publishing time.
Ethereum 2.0 Validators to Earn up to 10% Annually for Staking: Report
Helen Partz
Local News
Joseph Lubin said that BTC and ETH are the only two successful coins in Cointelegraph’s weekly digest of news from Japan.
Crypto and Blockchain News From Japan: Oct. 7–13 in Review
Helen Partz
Ethereum’s first stage of transition from a PoW to a PoS consensus is planned to take place on Bitcoin’s 11th genesis block anniversary.
Ethereum 2.0’s Phase Zero Scheduled to Launch on January 3, 2020: Devs
Helen Partz
Ethereum’s most popular browser extension MetaMask reveals mobile app version at Devcon4 conference in Prague.
Popular Ethereum DApp Browser MetaMask to Launch Mobile App Version
Ana Berman
NEO is planning to host “China’s first DevCon” through March 2018 in conjunction with Microsoft.
NEO DevCon Sees Microsoft Judge Network’s Potential Uses
William Suberg
Much Wow
Devcon3 attendees get automatic flight delay compensation but police arrest several in bribe shakedown.
Devcon3 Attendees’ Blockchain Insurance Can’t Stop Mexico Police Corruption
William Suberg
Trust seems to be the underlying feature of the Ethereum network according to its proponents.
ETH Proponents: Ethereum Will Democratize, Build Trust and Make Governments Transparent
Olusegun Ogundeji

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