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The EBA, or the European Banking Authority, is an agency of the European Union that regulates banking activities within the EU. The EBA was formed in January 2011 and is headquartered in London, U.K. However, the United Kingdom’s plans to leave the EU makes it necessary to relocate the EBA, though it currently remains in London. The main job of the EBA to make European banking more secure and stable by establishing a Single Rulebook for all the banks in the EU. The influence of the EBA on European banking consists of investigations into the incorrect applications of EU law in banking activity; the consultation of financial authorities in emergency situations; advising the European Parliament; and promoting transparent, simple and fair markets for financial services. A bit confusing is that EBA also stands for the Euro Banking Association, which is a trade association founded in 1985 in Paris. The Euro Banking Association is the largest network of payment practitioners and annually gathers banks and financial organizations for a conference called EBAday.
The Malta Financial Services Authority has issued a consultation on cybersecurity guidelines for the blockchain industry.
Maltese Financial Regulator Issues Cybersecurity Consultation for Blockchain Industry
Helen Partz
The chairperson of the European Banking Authority has said it may be a better idea to keep financial institutions from holding and selling crypto, as opposed to...
Don’t Regulate Crypto, Regulate Financial Institutions, Says EU Banking Authority Chair
Molly Jane Zuckerman
The European Supervisory Authorities said that cryptocurrencies show “clear signs of a pricing bubble” and warned investors not to “invest money they cannot aff...
EU Regulators Caution Consumers Against ‘Highly Risky’ Crypto Investing, Again
Molly Jane Zuckerman
Italy's Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), an organ of the Central Bank in charge of combating money laundering and terrorist financing, issued a statement warn...
Italy’s Central Bank Addresses ECB, Clarifies Bitcoin’s Legal Status
Diana Ngo
EBAs' report actually makes many concrete short-term recommendations that will help digital currency businesses continue to innovate and flourish.
Why the EBA report is good news for digital currencies
Tom Robinson
The authorities of the People’s Republic of China together with the EBA were the first two bodies to declare their position on Bitcoin and other cryptographic c...
Kazakhstan to Determine Position on Bitcoin in 2014
Positive news was brought from Denmark. The Denmark’s Financial Supervisory Authority or the FSA issued a statement in some points similar to the warning publis...
Denmark Has Presented Its Attitude on Bitcoin
The European Banking Authority (or the EBA) has issued an official statement describing the position of the organization in questions considering crypto currenc...
EBA to Warn the Population of Europe on Cryptocurrencies

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