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The European Central Bank or ECB is the central bank of the eurozone that is the emitter of euro currency and an administrator of EU monetary practices. The Central Bank of the European Union is one of the most influential financial authorities in the world. ECB regularly publishes reports, prognoses and research that largely affects the world’s economy and governmental measures of many countries, especially in EU. The European Central Bank has absolutely no connection to ECB Publishing, Inc — an American publishing company. ECB rule violations may become the reason for billion-dollar fines, the shut down of major banks and even punishment of countries. ECB is famous for its independence, democratic approach to discussion and decision-making, and for its transparency in voting processes. The regulation of Bitcoin has been discussed within the ECB, but there are no restrictions or policies established yet.
The European Union’s 5AMLD has been adopted as the first regulation in Romania of virtual currencies, crypto-wallets and fiat-crypto exchange platforms.
Romania Is on the Way to Blockchain and Crypto Regulation
Guest Authors
CBDCs will be the leading digital currencies of the future, and only the competition between various models will determine the winner.
A Path of Challenges: Will CBDCs Prevail Over Private Blockchains?
Gregory Klumov
Expert Take
The coronavirus pandemic has forced governments worldwide to focus on bringing blockchain tech to their financial services.
Not Like Before: Digital Currencies Debut Amid COVID-19
Selva Ozelli
Markets News
Coronavirus will inflate the EU bad debt mountain, and banks should be shielded, while an official speaks highly of so-called “bad banks.”
Not With Bitcoin: Rumor ECB Eyeing $500B Debt Quarantine in ‘Bad Bank’
William Suberg
Markets News
As the European Central Bank doubles its emergency asset purchase program, Bitcoin seems an ever stronger fiat opt-out.
‘Stack Sats’ Bitcoin Figure Tells Europe as ECB Prepares $1.5T Bailout
William Suberg
European Central Bank executive board member Yves Mersch believes that the main impediment for CBDC is philosophical rather than technological.
Main Barrier to CBDC Is Philosophy Not Tech, Says European Central Bank Rep
Helen Partz
Major crypto event, Consensus: Distributed, kicks off virtually, with ECB board member Yves Mersch discussing central bank digital currencies.
Virtual Consensus 2020 Kicks Off With ECB Official Discussing CBDC
Helen Partz
The European Central Bank says global stablecoins require clear regulatory structure prior to approval.
European Central Bank Calls for Proactive Stablecoin Regulation
Benjamin Pirus

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