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The European Central Bank or ECB is the central bank of the eurozone that is the emitter of euro currency and an administrator of EU monetary practices. The Central Bank of the European Union is one of the most influential financial authorities in the world. ECB regularly publishes reports, prognoses and research that largely affects the world’s economy and governmental measures of many countries, especially in EU. The European Central Bank has absolutely no connection to ECB Publishing, Inc — an American publishing company. ECB rule violations may become the reason for billion-dollar fines, the shut down of major banks and even punishment of countries. ECB is famous for its independence, democratic approach to discussion and decision-making, and for its transparency in voting processes. The regulation of Bitcoin has been discussed within the ECB, but there are no restrictions or policies established yet.
Private payment services can gain a monopoly with no benefit to other market players or economic stability, ECB board member Fabio Panetta said.
Digital euro can ward off many private payment service ills — ECB official
Derek Andersen
Banco de España Deputy Gov. Margarita Delgado voiced concern about financial stability issues but painted a rosy picture for nonbank financial service providers...
Spanish central bank official talks about private payment services in era of digital euro
Derek Andersen
According to Fabio Panetta, crypto volatility and aspects of blockchain technology made digital assets only suitable for gambling.
ECB official labels crypto as ‘deleterious’ with ‘no societal benefits’ in scathing speech
Turner Wright
François Villeroy de Galhau tried to soft sell the proposed euro CBDC to commercial bankers, emphasizing collaboration and the CBDC’s advantages.
Issuing digital euro, or ‘Cash+,’ is probably a duty, French central banker says
Derek Andersen
Market Analysis
BTC’s price recovered quickly from this week’s swing low, but derivatives data hints that a challenging road lies ahead.
Bitcoin price races toward $27K, but a swift recovery is not confirmed by market data
Marcel Pechman
The European Central Bank exercise looked at a variety of use cases, most of which were quite satisfactory, as well as the use of self-custodied wallets.
ECB sums up digital euro prototyping exercise as it nears possible pilot launch
Derek Andersen
The Bank for International Settlements has published the fifth paper by the group, highlighting its latest thinking on a potential retail CBDC.
7 central banks and BIS continue examination of ongoing policy issues for retail CBDC
Derek Andersen
The digital euro, if it is created, will be available to Eurozone users first through familiar onboarding procedures.
ECB considers digital euro access, distribution in third design progress report
Derek Andersen

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