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An economy is an area of production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different agents. Any given economy is a product of current and past culture, technology, education, social and political structure and other society characteristics that define an economy. Economics is a science field for sociology, history, geography, math and other disciplines, all of which combined have results in studying economic growth, the reasons for current economic events and their consequences.
As a result of historical progression, every economy of some time period is special in its own way. Technological progress has made it possible to build and internet-based economy and now it is evolving into a crypto-economy, based on blockchain technologies and digital money, which is much faster and more private than the old economic systems.

Making any cryptocurrency a national currency “is an inadvisable shortcut” to more inclusive financial services, according to two IMF officials.
IMF issues veiled warning against El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law
Turner Wright
Markets News
BTC price inched toward 2020's support with traders expecting more gains if a breakout occurs.
Bitcoin price weekly outlook: BTC bulls await breakout above 50-day EMA
Yashu Gola
According to Jeffrey Gundlach, the trading pattern for Bitcoin may suggest a price drop below $30,000.
DoubleLine CEO sees Bitcoin buy moment at $23K, predicts US dollar will drop 'pretty substantially'
Turner Wright
Market observers expressed more concerns over the Bitcoin price drop amid a significant projected spike in inflation.
Crypto community divided on whether Bitcoin is an inflation hedge
Helen Partz
Markets News
Bitcoin moved inversely to the dollar at the beginning of this week as traders awaited the June CPI report due Tuesday.
Bitcoin rebounds from $33K support as US dollar inflation comes back into focus
Yashu Gola
Expert Take
The battle for global consumer deposits is going to be the fight of the century. But to vanquish old-fashioned banks, the DeFi sector needs to up its game.
Better, faster, cheaper: How DeFi will kill the retail bank
Piers Ridyard
The Avanti Financial CEO says Bitcoin shouldn’t be leveraged and that regulations for stablecoins are underway.
‘Bitcoin is not an asset that is designed to be leveraged,’ says Caitlin Long
Rachel Wolfson
COVID-19 has infected more than 17.6 million people in India. A crypto-based relief fund is raising millions to help the country cope with the disaster.
Polygon co-founder raises $2.2M for India COVID-19 relief
Sam Bourgi

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