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An economy is an area of production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different agents. Any given economy is a product of current and past culture, technology, education, social and political structure and other society characteristics that define an economy. Economics is a science field for sociology, history, geography, math and other disciplines, all of which combined have results in studying economic growth, the reasons for current economic events and their consequences.
As a result of historical progression, every economy of some time period is special in its own way. Technological progress has made it possible to build and internet-based economy and now it is evolving into a crypto-economy, based on blockchain technologies and digital money, which is much faster and more private than the old economic systems.

Canada is one of the first countries to approve a Bitcoin ETF and is the fourth-largest nation in terms of hash rate.
Crypto poses no big risk to economy so far, Bank of Canada official says
Helen Partz
The Liberal Party Senator commented that DeFi “presents huge opportunities” for Australia to cement its place as a “front-runner for innovation.”
Australian Senator says DeFi is 'not going away any time soon'
Keira Wright
Market Analysis
The greenback regained strength in hopes that stronger inflation data in the U.S. would revive a tighter monetary policy and after better-than-expected retail s...
Bitcoin price dips under $60K as Dollar Strength Index reaches 16-month highs
Yashu Gola
The team said that financial services firms were expected to hire more than three times as many staff with experience in digital assets than in 2015.
LinkedIn reports crypto and blockchain job listings have surged 615% since August 2020
Turner Wright
Data is now a trillion-dollar industry, where most of it is harvested, siloed and monetized by large tech companies, and blockchain might be the only solution t...
How to protect your data in the age of its constant exploitation, Cirus Foundation CEO shares
Chris Jones
The group identified the crypto space at risk from hacking, “lack of transparency around issuance and distribution” of tokens, and operational risks including o...
IMF reiterates more oversight for crypto in latest report on financial stability
Turner Wright
Market Analysis
Rising jobless claims in the U.S. sparked sell-offs in the dollar market. On the other hand, Bitcoin held onto its intraday gains.
Bitcoin price eyes $50K as the US dollar retreats after hitting its one-year high
Yashu Gola
Market Analysis
The bearish setup positions Ethereum price to extend the decline toward $2,000.
Ethereum 'head & shoulders' chart pattern puts ETH price at risk of dropping to $2K
Yashu Gola

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