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The cryptocurrency market is growing and offers a growing number of unique and useful products, which is garnering the attention of every possible sphere, from the financial to the medical industry. Still, the use of digital money (and cryptocurrency, in particular) haven’t become widespread for average consumers. There are several reasons for this, but the most important is the entry threshold and lack of education in this newly-developed sphere. Cryptocurrency education and the use of blockchain in education is a growing market. According to the latest news on cryptocurrency education, such giants as Sony and IBM are working on blockchain-based educational services, Australian high schools gave a cryptocurrency educational presentation and the Hyperledger project, which includes more than 200 companies like IBM, Intel and Airbus, describes cryptocurrency education as one of the primary goals of the platform.

Colombia is investing over $30,000 to develop a gamified app that simulates crypto and stock trading for young learners.
Colombia uses gamification to teach youth about crypto and stock trading
Marie Huillet
The Indian Institute of Technology Madras will test use cases around the Hedera Token Service, a public blockchain for payments.
Indian university joins Hedera decentralized governance council
Arijit Sarkar
How to crypto
Investors watch trading volume and other momentum indicators alongside descending channel patterns to better gauge when to open and close trades.
Traders know not to ‘go long’ when this classic trading pattern shows up
Rakesh Upadhyay
Not only has demand for cryptocurrency- and blockchain-related expertise increased, but new data suggests that the kinds of roles being posted have shifted over...
Crypto and blockchain jobs' share grew 118% in 10 months, new data shows
Marie Huillet
A small number of universities are beginning to offer DeFi courses to help students and the general public better understand the technology.
DeFi literacy: Universities embrace decentralized finance education
Rachel Wolfson
How to crypto
Traders analyze bearish and bullish rectangles to spot trend changes to know when to range trade stocks and cryptocurrencies.
Pro traders know it's time to range trade when this classic pattern shows up
Rakesh Upadhyay
How to crypto
Traders who believe ETH will reach $5,000 can use this low-risk options strategy to cast a long bullish bet.
Bullish Ethereum traders can place risk-averse bets with this options strategy
Marcel Pechman
How to crypto
Crypto and stock traders view the inverse head-and-shoulders pattern as an early signal that a bullish trend reversal is in the making.
Pro traders look for this classic pattern to spot Bitcoin price reversals
Rakesh Upadhyay

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