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Emercoin is an open-sourced peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which forked from Peercoin in 2014. It uses both Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work mining protocols. Developers describe Emercoin as more of a development platform than a cryptocurrency.
Emercoin as a platform supports such security services like EMCSSL and EMCSSH that can provide users with passwordless identification and access control with Emercoin blockchain. Emercoin also enables EMCDNS system that offers users fully decentralized and uncensorable domains that can only be changed by their owner, a solution for validation of authenticity EMCDPO and some other services, powered by EMC coin. Making PoW and PoS algorithms work together makes Emercoin network immune to a 51% attack. The growing amount of various solutions and the robustness of the network may soon attract a lot of new users.

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Emercoin in partnership with Design 4 Democracy Coalition have developed a solution to combat data manipulation in electoral process.
Emercoin and Design 4 Democracy Coalition Launched a Blockchain Solution for Macedonian Referendum
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Emercoin “Trusted Diploma” Secures and Verifies Education Certificates.
Emercoin Blockchain Solution Combats Global Manipulation Epidemic in Education Sector
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After six months of development, we are ready to release 16 updates that are coming to Emercoin blockchain.
Global Changes in Emercoin Blockchain: SegWit, TX Optimizer, STUN and 13 More Updates
Crypto markets see mix of red and green this Saturday, with all of the top 10 coins by market cap experiencing a slight decline.
Crypto Markets See Mix of Red and Green, Top 10 Coins in Slight Decline
Helen Partz
All but two of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap have fallen over the 24-hour period, with total market cap down to $274 bln as of press time.
Bearish Crypto Markets See BTC Falling Below $6,500, ETH Down Under $500
Marie Huillet
Coca-Cola and the US State Department are implementing blockchain technology to fight forced-labor conditions globally.
US State Department And Coca-Cola To Use Blockchain Technology To Fight Forced Labor
Aaron Wood
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Move Expands Support for Technology’s Efforts in Asia
IT-Farm Corporation Makes Strategic Investment In Emercoin Blockchain
Press Release
The Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA) announced a strategic partnership with Emercoin.
Blockchain Trust Accelerator and Emercoin Partner to Advance Social Impact Projects

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