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An Exchange-Traded Fund or ETF is a fund that is traded on a stock market. They function as investment funds which allows everyone access to an index or commodity providing the same profit to investors as the major markets do. Thus, ETF stocks are one of the most popular among exchange users because of the easiness to invest in industries without being charged by the fund manager. Before buying an ETF, it is necessary to check what is included in the fund.
By 2018, it has been reported that The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is considering the idea of creating a Bitcoin-ETF. A Bitcoin-ETF would be an investment tool using Bitcoin as the main asset. The main purpose of it would be to facilitate the investing process into cryptocurrency and make it more attractive for the community.

Investment firm executives battle it out over Bitcoin on CNBC, debating when the SEC might approve a Bitcoin ETF, stablecoins, and whether there is a need for B...
Retail Demand May Force the SEC to Approve a Bitcoin ETF
Samuel Haig
Follow up
With Hester Peirce’s term expiring in June, Commissioner takes a swipe at the SEC.
Hester Peirce’s Last Effort at SEC as Wilshire Phoenix BTC ETF Is Rejected
Michael Kapilkov
New York asset manager Wilshire Phoenix has issued a damning response to the SEC’s rejection of its proposed Bitcoin ETF.
Wilshire Phoenix Slams SEC for Bitcoin ETF Rejection
Samuel Haig
Wilshire Phoenix’s Bitcoin ETF has been officially rejected by the SEC because the Bitcoin market is still too heavily manipulated.
‘Crypto Mom’ Accuses SEC of ‘Shifting Standards’ Following Bitcoin ETF Rejection
Andrew Fenton
Follow up
After breaking above $1 billion for the third time ever, daily volume for CME Bitcoin futures has plummeted by roughly 50% for three consecutive days.
Crypto Derivatives: CME Volume Crashes 89% in 3 Days, SEC to Rule on ETF
Samuel Haig
In depth
Several entities with pending crypto ETF proposals in the U.S. give their thoughts as to why no such crypto product has yet passed the test with the SEC.
No Bitcoin ETF Yet: A Deep Dive Into the Situation in the US
Benjamin Pirus
Wallet providers and exchanges will be paying interest on consumer crypto holdings within two years, predicts Dan Schatt.
'Every Asset Class Will Be Digitized and Tokenized,’ Says Cred Co-Founder
Andrew Singer
The reasons of failure of Bitcoin ETF applications and the new path that may give regulators the confidence needed to take an application forward.
A Stronger Foundation for Bitcoin ETF Applications
Robert Emerson

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