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Ethereum Classic is a blockchain-based smart contract platform for powering decentralized applications, or DApps.

This blockchain and its native cryptocurrency, ETC, are the result of a split in the Ethereum network following the infamous DAO hack of July 2016, in which an attacker compromised 3.6 million Ether (ETH) — one of the largest hacks in history — creating a rift in the Ethereum community on how to respond: accept the hack had happened and fully commit to the ethos of censorship-resistance and immutability, or gauge community sentiment informally and save the funds through a hard fork. Supporters of the first option maintained the legacy chain and transaction record after the fork, resulting in Ethereum Classic.

While the network is cross-compatible with Ethereum applications, with shared architecture and programming language support, the network later adapted a completely new monetary policy and design roadmap from its progenitor. In March 2017, Ethereum Classic adopted a fixed supply cap and ETC issuance rate more similar to Bitcoin than Ethereum. The network has also committed to proof-of-work consensus in contrast to Ethereum’s long-planned transition to proof-of-stake.

Conor Grogan tracked down $322,000 of dormant Ethereum Classic and returned it to its owner, who was unaware the money ever existed.
Crypto’s Indiana Jones? Coinbase exec helps recover $322K of once-lost crypto
Tom Mitchelhill
The purported sales are the latest measures the embattled firm has taken following moves in recent months to raise capital and preserve liquidity.
DCG offloads shares in Grayscale trusts to raise capital: Report
Luke Huigsloot
Grayscale’s Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash Trusts are at steep discounts as concerns whirl around Digital Currency Group’s liquidity.
Grayscale ETH trust nears record 60% discount as nerves continue over DCG
Ciaran Lyons
Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has repurposed the Ethereum Classic Twitter account to now benefit the Ergo Platform.
670K follower ETH Classic account turns into Ergo: What happened?
Luke Huigsloot
Altcoin Watch
A bearish formation in the total market capitalization chart has been gaining strength after two failures to break its resistance level.
Upside capped at $980B total crypto market, according to derivatives metrics
Marcel Pechman
Hoskinson called the Ethereum Merge a flawed PoS implementation, claiming custodial staking would create issues for the network in the long run.
Charles Hoskinson and Ethereum dev get into a war of words post-Vasil upgrade
Prashant Jha
The Merge marks a turning point for the Ethereum network, but what are the consequences of switching to a new consensus mechanism?
Ethereum post-Merge hard forks are here — Now what?
Diana Aguilar
Here’s a review of the possible new trends that will drive the crypto market in the post-Merge era.
What’s next for Bitcoin and the crypto market now that the Ethereum Merge is over?
Big Smokey

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