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The euro is the official currency for the 19 European countries of the Eurozone, along with another nine countries. The euro is the main competitor of the dollar and it has a leading position of being the one of the major reserve currencies. European banks use euro to raise funds in order to secure their core business. This fact makes the euro a funding currency. In terms of cryptocurrency, the euro is used as frequently as the dollar for conversion into digital currency and vice versa, that can be seen for the most popular requests in the Internet such as Euro to Bitcoin, Satoshi in Euro and so on. Besides that, the euro and blockchain technologies are connected, as many investments into these technologies are made in euro by European investors.

The five fintech, payments and e-commerce firms will create front-end prototypes for the digital euro, which will not be used in later phases of the CBDC projec...
European Central Bank chooses Amazon and 4 other firms to prototype digital euro app
Turner Wright
Follow up
First announced on Aug. 4, the euro-denominated Ether futures represent investment vehicles launched prior to the blockchain's transition to proof-of-stake.
CME Group launches euro-denominated Bitcoin and Ether futures
Turner Wright
Market Update
Bitcoin struggles to make a return to higher levels despite geopolitical uncertainty striking the Eurozone.
Bitcoin whales attack sellers at $22.3K as euro drops below USD parity
William Suberg
The futures options, expected to start trading on Aug. 29, followed the CME Group launching micro-sized Bitcoin and Ether options in March.
CME Group plans to launch euro-denominated Bitcoin and Ether futures
Turner Wright
ECB’s interest in identifying the best cross-border payment solution stems from the fact that it serves as the central bank of the 19 European Union countries w...
European Central Bank bets on CBDCs over BTC for cross-border payments
Arijit Sarkar
Market Update
Estimates for July inflation across the euro area make for grim reading at 8.9%, with the U.S. dollar rebounding.
Bitcoin holds $24K as USD taps 3-week lows on eurozone inflation report
William Suberg
Market Update
U.S. inflation comes in a full 0.3% higher than expected, causing a dollar strength spike and the euro to fall below parity with USD.
Bitcoin tanks on highest CPI data since 1981 as BTC price dips under $19K
William Suberg
Market Update
Support is thin on the ground, analysts and traders warn, as ex-BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes heralds the start of the fiat currency "doom loop" with USD/EUR parity.
Bitcoin risks new lows as $20K looms amid dollar euro parity
William Suberg

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