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F2Pool is a mining pool, which is a collaboration of miners where everyone contributes some computer power to discover blocks. F2Pool, also known as Discus Fitch, was launched in 2013 and is currently one of five largest mining pools in the world. In 2014, F2Pool became available for mining not only Bitcoin, but also some popular altcoins as well. The project was founded by Chinese investors and is now headquartered in China. There are about two million active users of the pool, of which 50 percent are Chinese citizens. Besides the main rewards for mining, users get a three percent reward for using the pool. This is the only pool operating with peer-to-peer payments. F2Pool fees for withdrawal doesn’t surpass four percent. F2Pool payouts are daily, and they are automatically sent to F2Pool’s wallet.
SegWit2x appears to have made an enemy of South Korea’s Seoul Bitcoin Meetup, which has confirmed its “staunch opposition”.
Korea’s Biggest Bitcoin Meetup Publicly Condemns SegWit2x
William Suberg
SegWit2x fork receives a huge blow as New York Agreement signatory F2Pool ceases signalling for the fork.
F2Pool Deals Possible Death Blow to SegWit2x Fork, Withdraws Support
David Dinkins
The future of the hard fork looks increasingly shaky as F2pool signals it has stopped supporting SegWit2x.
Another Bitcoin New York Agreement Partner Cancels SegWit2x Support
William Suberg
As the August 1 deadline draws near, f2pool becomes the next company to voice support for scaling.
F2Pool Announces Support For SegWit2x
Jon Buck
Major mining pool F2Pool has formally announced SegWit support, saying block size increases can be for “future discussions.”
F2Pool Formalizes SegWit Support, Considers Big Blocks “For Future”
William Suberg
The world's third largest Bitcoin mining Pool F2Pool finally decides to support Bitcoin Core’s Segregated Witness (SegWit) on both Bitcoin and Litecoin.
World's Third Largest Bitcoin Mining Pool Signals SegWit For Bitcoin
Joseph Young
Earlier today, Wang Chun, the owner of F2Pool, the second largest Bitcoin mining pool in the world, clarified that he was never against the activation of Bitcoi...
F2Pool: We Were Never Against SegWit. Wait...
Joseph Young
Saturday, F2Pool mined Segregated Witness (SegWit) blocks for both Bitcoin and Litecoin. Almost immediately after the pool’s signaling of SegWit, major Chinese ...
F2Pool Tests SegWit on Litecoin, May Support It on Bitcoin After Testing
Joseph Young

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