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The Federal Reserve. or The Federal Reserve System, is the central bank of the United States that was founded in 1913 by the U.S. Congress in order to establish central financial control. The Federal Reserve is responsible for a lot of functions, so some may become confused about its role and ask the question “what does the Federal Reserve do?” The main objectives of the Federal Reserve System were established along with its founding in 1913. They are: maximizing employment, stabilizing prices and moderating long-term interest rates. Those are achieved by open-market operations, placing the discount rate, and establishing reserve requirements for financial institutions. Decisions and prognoses of the Federal Reserve are crucial for world’s economy because most economic operations are dependent on the U.S. dollar, which falls under the Federal Reserve’s control.
Market Analysis
A strengthening dollar could be negative for pretty much every risk asset on board, including Bitcoin, whose value boomed against the dwindling greenback after ...
Big bullish pattern on US dollar index chart puts Bitcoin at risk of losing $30K
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
The Federal Reserve chairman sidelined inflation concerns, which appears to have coincided with a relief bounce for Ethereum.
Ethereum bounces but ETH price in danger of turning $2.3K into new resistance
Yashu Gola
Markets News
The latest price declines came after the U.S. inflation rose to a 30-year high in June.
Bitcoin sell-off continues as BTC nears $31K ahead of Powell’s speech
Yashu Gola
Avanti’s Caitlin Long expects the U.S. Federal Reserve to make it harder for crypto companies to access USD payment channels.
Crypto crackdown targeting USD access points has begun: Caitlin Long
Martin Young
Markets News
The bearish outlook surfaces as Bitcoin prices form a classic cup and handle pattern, now in the last stage of its maturity.
Bitcoin price is 3–4 weeks away from new $24K–$29K range, market analyst warns
Yashu Gola
Armstrong said he had spoken about China’s central bank digital currency with lawmakers and heads of federal agencies, believing it to be "a threat to U.S. rese...
Fed chair met with Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and former House speaker in May
Turner Wright
Though Randal Quarles said there was a "legitimate and strong regulatory interest in how stablecoins are constructed and managed," a U.S. dollar-pegged coin cou...
Foreign CBDCs and stablecoins unlikely to threaten US dollar, says Fed vice chair
Turner Wright
John Williams responded to a presentation from Mark Carney, the former head of the Bank of Canada and Bank of England, about the potential for issuing central b...
New York Fed president says crypto poses challenging questions for central banks
Sam Bourgi

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