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Cryptocurrency fees can be defined as money (usually in the form of one of the virtual currencies) that is paid as a on top of a transaction. The most common way to charge a fee is by taking a commission, i.e. some percentage from the amount of the transferred money. At the moment, a lot of transactions can be completed without any cryptocurrency fees unless the transaction includes a large amount of data. As miners function as the handler of transactions, they also receive commissions since each new block of the blockchain consists of their operations and, for example, a fee from Bitcoin as well. It is optional to require a commission, but any user that has found a block can include fees by their own choice. In the future, when the rewards for creating a new block will be reduced, miners will get most of their profit directly from the fees.

Altcoin Watch
A cross-chain bridge to Arbitrum, protocol upgrades and a steady surge in network activity back REN’s 340% rebound off its July 20 swing low.
3 reasons why REN price is up 340% from its July swing low
Jordan Finneseth
"High, unpredictable fees can make crypto trading really dangerous for people who aren’t rich," said Senator Warren.
Sen. Warren goes after Ethereum network fees in committee hearing
Turner Wright
An unknown wallet benefited from Bitcoin’s low-fee blockchain yesterday with a transaction worth $2 billion.
Bitcoin worth $2 billion moves for just $0.78
Tom Farren
This blockchain project has just completed one of the biggest protocol changes in its history — and has thrown a party to celebrate.
Blockchain project completes its biggest protocol change ever
Chris Jones
Cream Finance has identified the AMP integration error that caused a nearly $19 million loss for the protocol and aims to pay users back.
Cream Finance to repay stolen Ether and Amp via protocol fees
Helen Partz
Market Analysis
Overly-confident Ethereum options traders are nervously watching the $3,200 level ahead of this week’s $800 million ETH options expiry.
Ethereum traders expect volatility ahead of Friday’s $820M options expiry
Marcel Pechman
Altcoin Watch
The bearish outlook appears also as Cardano’s daily RSI reflects overbought sentiments. However, the euphoria surrounding Cardano’s smart contracts launch and i...
Cardano chalks a bearish wedge as ADA price soars by over 100% in Q3
Yashu Gola
1inch indicated that its launch on the Optimistic Ethereum network will lead to faster confirmation times and lower fees.
1inch announces deployment to Optimism's layer-2 solution
Mariano Maisterrena

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