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Filecoin is a decentralized platform for data storage. The Filecoin project was launched by California-based technological company Protocol Labs in 2014. The main purpose of Filecoin is to create an efficient solution for storing data, which is based on protocols of decentralized network IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). IPFS was also developed by Protocol Labs to replace the existing HTTP with a content-addressable, peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system. According to Filecoin’s white paper, the main idea is that their users should install special software that allows them to store data on PC’s hardware. As a reward, users receive Filecoin and exchange them on other digital or fiat currencies. The Filecoin ICO was conducted in 2017. Filecoin mining is able to be done through their official software.
Altcoin Watch
FIL might be more than 70% away from its all-time high, but derivatives data shows traders are steadily building leveraged positions.
Bulls target $100 Filecoin (FIL) after data points to improving fundamentals
Marcel Pechman
Filecoin has become the official storage partner of the Flow Blockchain, with the firm working to provide decentralized storage for NFTs minted on Dapper Lab's ...
Flow integrates Filecoin storage services to make NFTs more decentralized
Brian Quarmby
Price Analysis
BTC bulls are still trying to flip $50,000 to support and if this occurs LTC, FIL, FTT and MIOTA could rally higher.
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, LTC, FIL, FTT, MIOTA
Rakesh Upadhyay
Altcoin Watch
Derivatives data and recent protocol developments signal that retail traders have turned bullish on FIL.
Time to pump? Data suggests traders intend to push Filecoin (FIL) above $100
Marcel Pechman
Market Analysis
In the crypto market, it’s often the early bird that gets the worm. Here’s how two quant-style indicators flashed a bullish signal for FIL and NEAR.
These 2 indicators gave traders a buy signal hours before Filecoin and Near rallied
Kirill Bryanov
Tim Wu, a one-time Bitcoin critic and current technology policy adviser at the White House, reportedly owns between 29 and 146 BTC.
Tim Wu, the 'father of net neutrality' reportedly owns over $1M in Bitcoin
Osato Avan-Nomayo
Altcoin Watch
The token emerged as one of the top performers in the cryptocurrency market — even as traders mass-dumped other assets.
Filecoin ignores Elon Musk’s Bitcoin FUD as FIL price rockets by 17%
Yashu Gola
Filecoin’s sudden rise to the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap, however brief, points to its potential as it’s driven by community in China.
FIL on the rise: Filecoin’s upcoming production cut alters tokenomics
Anirudh Tiwari

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