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Fintech is an industry composed of companies that compete with traditional financial institutions by implementing new, innovative technologies into their working process. The cryptocurrency Fintech sector has been exploring the use of blockchain and blockchain-based applications as a new technology to challenge traditional ways of doing business. Blockchain, smart contracts and cybersecurity are some of the most actively researched areas of Fintech. Crypto Fintech sees cryptocurrencies as a means of establishing a secure and traceable way of transferring assets and getting rid of intermediaries. However, blockchain is not only suitable for regular transactions, but may help in such fields as voting and dividends management by establishing a trusted and immutable network with unchangeable records about past events.

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MetaPay, metaverse-based payment system, requires customers to have the MPay token to invest in the Metaxion universe.
What is MetaPay, and how does it work?
Onkar Singh
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Investment DAOs where crypto-rich buyers team together to back startups or make investments work based on governance rights enforced through smart contracts.
What are investment DAOs, and how do they work?
Arunkumar Krishnakumar
The move comes after nearly two years since PayPal enabled users to buy and sell crypto on its platform.
PayPal enables transfer of digital currencies to external wallets
Zhiyuan Sun
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With the introduction of platforms like Solana, buyers may now purchase NFTs for a low transaction charge and with minimal congestion.
How to buy NFTs on Solana?
Dilip Kumar Patairya
Could the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies also mean a move away from its decentralized principles?
Corporate evolution: How adoption is changing crypto company structures
Daniel Kogan
Cryptocurrencies may be coming to Americans’ retirement plans. Some see it as a sound financial strategy, while others remain skeptical.
Crypto 401(k): Sound financial planning or gambling with the future?
Francisco Rodrigues
The bank advised the Blockchain Association of Uganda (BAU) to sharpen up its knowledge of the sandbox regulations, inviting its members along to further techni...
Ugandan central bank U-turns on crypto, welcoming firms to regulatory sandbox
Jesse Coghlan
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To land a job in the Metaverse and Web3, possess the right skills, interact and network with people, build your brand, create content, and increase your exposur...
How to get a job in the Metaverse and Web3
Jagjit Singh

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