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Fujitsu Ltd., is a Japanese IT company that is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Fujitsu is one of the most major IT equipment and services provider in the world, alongside IBM, HP and Accenture. The main industries of Fujitsu products are computer hardware and software, telecommunications and IT consulting. Fujitsu’s business system consists of many divisions that are defined by their field of work and geographical position. Fujitsu Laboratories is a division of Fujitsu, which is working on research and development of new products. Fujitsu Labs is working on AI, IoT, deep learning and other promising technologies. Fujitsu Laboratories of America is a division founded for extending the reach of the company to North American universities and companies. The Fujitsu Blockchain Innovation Center is focused on implementing blockchain-based solutions into the banking system and financial sector.
Cointelegraph caught up with IOTA to discuss the recent increase in price, partnership with Microsoft, future plans.
IOTA Interview: “Trust Systems Are Absolutely Pivotal” Today
Jon Buck
SIRIN LABS Signs endorsement deal with @LeoMessi, using #IOTA’s Tangle
Leo Messi The Next Blockchain Celebrity Endorser
Jon Buck
IOTA announces new data monetization platform with Microsoft, Fujitsu, and others as partners.
IOTA Partners With Microsoft, Fujitsu, Others For IoT Data Monetization
Jon Buck
Fujitsu launched its new ConnectionChain payments technology aimed at facilitating transactions between different Blockchains.
Fujitsu Launches Inter-Blockchain Payment System
Joshua Althauser
Japan is leading the way in integrating Blockchain into financial services; Fujitsu and Japanese Bankers’ Association announce partnership.
Fujitsu Partners With Bankers’ Association to Pilot Blockchain Technology in Financial Services
Joshua Althauser
Fujitsu has announced that it is advancing its two-fold plan to commercialize its enterprise-focused distributed ledger platform or Blockchain technology.
Fujitsu Plans to Commercialize Enterprise-Focused Blockchain Platform
Joshua Althauser
Commercial data handling is the domain of the latest Blockchain product under development from Japanese giant Fujitsu.
Fujitsu Joins Blockchain Race With Hyperledger Platform
William Suberg
Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler AG has become a premier member of the Linux Foundation hosted Hyperledger project.
What Drives Daimler, Airbus, Sany Towards Blockchain and Hyperledger
Shivdeep Dhaliwal

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