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The Group of Twenty, or the G20, is an international forum for the governments and central banks of countries with developed and developing economies. The G20 includes countries from different continents and aims for cooperation and consultation on questions about the international financial system. G20 summits hadn’t been organized until 2008, as its main form of activity had been annual meetings of ministers of finances and central banks’ presidents. In terms of cryptocurrency, G20 members currently are not going to implement rigorous regulatory measures on it. According to their last report on digital currencies, G20 members came to the conclusion that cryptocurrency can play an important role in increasing the efficiency and transparency of the global financial system, so it wouldn’t be good to limit the development of these technologies.

Expert Take
U.S. regulators are starting to track crypto more seriously, and that’s a good sign for all crypto holders.
Better regulation needed to stop crypto tax evaders from running wild
Selva Ozelli
Crypto has turned from an inevitable future to our happening present, and stablecoins may become the industry’s cornerstone.
Driven by Financial Institutions, Stablecoin Acceptance Turns a Corner
Hugo Renaudin
The G-20’s Financial Stability Board issued a study on stablecoins, analyzing their merits and threats as the Libra project continues to spook regulators.
World Governments at G-20 Are Concerned About All Stablecoins, Not Just Libra
Andrey Shevchenko
Expert Take
How can emerging technologies help one of the world’s most populous countries and one of the largest energy consumers toward sustainable and renewable energy de...
India Is Fostering a Solarized Digital Future
Selva Ozelli
Central bank governors and finance ministers discussed regulatory oversight of cryptocurrency at the G-20 meeting in Riyadh this week.
Global Regulators Haven’t Properly Addressed Stablecoins
Turner Wright
As the deadline for the so-called travel rule looms, crypto exchanges and issuers are responding to the pressure.
FATF AML Regulation: Can the Crypto Industry Adapt to the Travel Rule?
Joseph Birch
What’s driving regulatory processes around crypto, and why should we welcome restrictions on an industry that has so far enjoyed nearly unbridled freedom?
Why Regulation Is the Best Thing for Crypto
Peter Lin
Expert Take
The FATF’s regulation might be the end of privacy in crypto industry, and the regulation might also create a black market of crypto addresses.
FATF Regulations – Is It the End of Crypto Anonymity?
Or Lokay Cohen

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