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Gavin Andresen is an American programmer who is the main software developer for the reference implementation of the Bitcoin client software. In 2010, after Satoshi Nakamoto had announced he would be leaving the project, Andresen took on a leading position by joining the core team. In 2012, Gavin Andresen founded the Bitcoin Foundation in order to find support for the development of virtual currency. Currently, he is the main research officer of the project. Andresen also has access to the special alert key that allows him to send messages about internal problems of the network to all its users. Gavin Andresen’s net worth is about $2 million, most of which is in Bitcoin. The support of Gavin Andresen behind Bitcoin Cash is currently a hotly debated subject, as he has published a comment on his Twitter describing BCH as the successor of his work on the BTC project.
The Lightning Network will be “highly centralized,” developer Gavin Andresen has said.
Lightning Network Will Be Highly Centralized: Gavin Andresen
William Suberg
We know the name. But do we know the person who created Bitcoin?
Who Created Bitcoin: Long Story Short
Kari Stray
Gavin Andersen, the former lead developer of Bitcoin, breaks his silence making known his new Random Sanity Project.
New Bitcoin-Inspired Project From Gavin Andresen, Former Bitcoin Lead Developer
Charles Dearing
Resentment among senior Bitcoin figures continues as Gavin Andresen calls former co-developer Greg Maxwell and Samson Mow “toxic trolls.”
Former Bitcoin Core’s Gavin Andresen Hits Blockstream, Labels Greg Maxwell and Samson Mow
William Suberg
Ex-Bitcoin Core developer Gavin Andresen has said Bitcoin Unlimited should be run as the “viable” solution to network scaling problems.
Gavin Andresen: “Run Bitcoin Unlimited” To Solve “Destructive Congestion”
William Suberg
Gavin Andresen expressed his negative feelings about Bitcoin Core known after a miner with a node running Bitcoin Unlimited lost $12,000 through a bug. Roger Ve...
Gavin Andresen Slams Bitcoin Core in $12,000 Bug Loss Twitter Jibe
Charlie McCombie
Cointelegraph has created a fun gallery of Kawaii-style portraits of the most influential people in Blockchain. Have a beer and have a look!
Bitcoin Community Goes Kawaii
Gavin Andresen graces us with an appearance as an expert on Bitcoin. He has worked on the project in some way or other since 2010 and is still one of its best-k...
Podcast: Gavin Andresen - Cryptographic Verification
The Bitcoin Podcast

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