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Greeks have used the term ‘Gnosis’ in the meaning of an insight or knowledge about the nature of humanity. It is commonly used to this day, in philosophy, science and religion. The current gnosis definition has been widened to all kinds of a certain knowledge. The term was adopted by the GNOSIS company — a business that is working in the field of market-driven forecasting. The Gnosis platform is Ethereum-based, enables smart contracts and is totally transparent. Gnosis’ funding token — the Gnosis coin — has a market capitalization of over $50 million. Prediction markets can be used for price discovery, market-based governance, securities prediction and insurance estimation. Gnosis is also the host of DappCon — a nonprofit developer conference that focuses on decentralized applications and the Ethereum infrastructure, which is held in Berlin. The Gnosis company is headquartered in Gibraltar.
The decentralized exchange aggregator said it hopes to offer users more options for low-costs, high-speed transactions.
1inch Network expands to Avalanche and Gnosis Chain
Ornella Hernández
Market Update
Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro shows FXS, SXP and GNO posting double-digit gains as BTC bulls look to recover support at $47,500.
Frax Share, Swipe and Gnosis lead the altcoin market as Bitcoin recovers to $47.5k
Jordan Finneseth
Market Update
UMA, LRC and GNO broke out on the heels of ETH hitting a new all-time high and BTC price trading above a key resistance.
DeFi tokens see double-digit gains as Ethereum and Bitcoin chase new highs
Jordan Finneseth
Market Update
Protocol upgrades and a new cross-chain Ethereum bridge back the rally in TLOS, GNO and ALPHA.
Traders pile into altcoins after Bitcoin price bounces at a key support
Jordan Finneseth
Market Update
GNO, WAX and IOST lead altcoins higher as Bitcoin’s rally to $50,000 signals that the bull market is back on track.
WAX, Gnosis and IOST pack on gains after Bitcoin price hits $50K
Jordan Finneseth
Altcoin Watch
A series of protocol upgrades and partnership announcements helped to boost GNO, BAL and CAKE even as Bitcoin price searches for support.
Gnosis, Balancer and PancakeSwap breakout as Bitcoin looks for direction
Rakesh Upadhyay
A Gnosis safe now contains the third-largest concentration of Ether, according to Etherscan, holding 2.2% of the coin supply — worth $2.9 billion.
Gnosis receives $2.3B Ether in a day, now 3rd largest ETH holder with 2.2% of supply
Greg Thomson
Gnosis shaped its DAO based on the concept of futarchy.
Ethereum-based market platform unveils a new DAO
Benjamin Pirus

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