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Nowadays, investors have divided into two groups: cryptocurrency vs gold. After comparing all the characteristics of digital money with precious metal, they appear to have a lot of in common. For example, they are produced through mining and both are almost impossible to destroy. Gold doesn’t react with acid or lye, and can’t be oxidized. In the same way, cryptocurrencies are immutable in that it is nearly impossible to shut down all the computers within the blockchain. Also, both of them can be profitable but still be at risk of cost fluctuations. In most transactions, they should be sold or exchanged for fiat currencies or an equivalent, but it is much easier to do with digital money. However, unlike gold, cryptocurrencies are not accepted in all countries.
For those who still can’t decide in which to invest, a group of Russian entrepreneurs has launched the GoldMint platform, which operates with a digital asset GOLD that is backed with reserves of real gold or ETH.

Money’s history is extensive, yet modern currencies are primarily supported by the state’s management of the economy and inflation through fiat currency.
History of money: From fiat to crypto, explained
Alexandra Overgaag
The Galaxy Digital CEO predicts tough times ahead for the United States economy but continues to be bullish on crypto.
US credit crunch means it’s time to buy gold and Bitcoin: Novogratz
Luke Huigsloot
Changpeng Zhao, also known as “CZ,” says that the industry may start to use stablecoins pegged to the euro, yen, or Singapore dollar, following recent actions a...
Binance CEO: Crypto industry will probably move to non-dollar stablecoins
Tom Blackstone
Randall Crater was ordered to pay back the millions lost by victims of his fraudulent crypto scheme and spend 100 months in jail followed by a three-year superv...
Founder of $7.5M ‘brazen fraud scheme’ gets 8 years behind bars
Brayden Lindrea
Markets News
BTC price performance may encounter a new magnet above the $50,000 mark if gold continues to be a trendsetter.
Bitcoin can still crack $50K if gold correlation continues — Chart
William Suberg
Market Update
Bitcoin is still in line for a breakout, analysis concludes, as short-term weakness sees BTC price fall below $22,500.
Bitcoin due for shake-up vs. gold, stocks as BTC price dips under $22.5K
William Suberg
Anatoly Legkodymov, founder of China-based crypto firm Bitzlato, was arrested under suspicion of money laundering related to illicit Russian finance.
Enforcement goes on with Bitzlato action: Law Decoded, Jan. 16–23
David Attlee
Market Update
Bitcoin's trading range is "well defined" on exchanges but there is scope for a further breakout to copy gold.
Bitcoin eyes $21.4K zone as analyst predicts BTC price will chase gold
William Suberg

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