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Nowadays, investors have divided into two groups: cryptocurrency vs gold. After comparing all the characteristics of digital money with precious metal, they appear to have a lot of in common. For example, they are produced through mining and both are almost impossible to destroy. Gold doesn’t react with acid or lye, and can’t be oxidized. In the same way, cryptocurrencies are immutable in that it is nearly impossible to shut down all the computers within the blockchain. Also, both of them can be profitable but still be at risk of cost fluctuations. In most transactions, they should be sold or exchanged for fiat currencies or an equivalent, but it is much easier to do with digital money. However, unlike gold, cryptocurrencies are not accepted in all countries.
For those who still can’t decide in which to invest, a group of Russian entrepreneurs has launched the GoldMint platform, which operates with a digital asset GOLD that is backed with reserves of real gold or ETH.

Is gold becoming inflationary? Can Bitcoin replace it as a store of value due to its scarcity and reliability? Are Uganda’s numbers implausible? Questions arise...
Uganda’s gold discovery: What it could mean for crypto
Andrew Singer
Crypto advocates often refer to Bitcoin as “digital gold,” but how does BTC stack up against gold as a long-term investment?
5 reasons why Bitcoin could be a better long-term investment than gold
Jordan Finneseth
Will the potential long-term bear market of 2022 begin the push for increased privacy for people exchanging cryptocurrencies?
Can a lesson in bimetallism help the long-term stability of Bitcoin and privacy coins?
Michael Tabone
Launched in cooperation with ByteTree, the new BOLD ETP by 21Shares comprises 18.5% of BTC and 81.5% of gold at launch.
21Shares launches hybrid Bitcoin and gold ETP to enable inflation hedge
Helen Partz
Market Update
Nothing stands in the way of Bitcoin’s latest renaissance, even as gold tumbles and the U.S. dollar checks its progress.
Bitcoin ‘buy’ signal excites as dollar, gold extend losses, BTC price heads past $41.5K
William Suberg
Market Update
Bitcoin carves out its own trajectory as Wall Street trading gets underway in the first session after Easter.
Bitcoin climbs above $41K on Wall Street open as gold dives, dollar cements highs
William Suberg
Market Update
The precious metal is stealing the limelight as Bitcoin languishes under $40,000 after the Easter weekend.
BTC could drop to $30K in 2 weeks, trader warns as gold goes for $2K high
William Suberg
Blockchain technology is coming to the aid of another legacy financial industry. Meanwhile, the race to accumulate Bitcoin continues to heat up.
Crypto Biz: Proof of integrity? Gold industry wants blockchain to solve its biggest problems, March 25–31, 2022
Sam Bourgi

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