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Nowadays, investors have divided into two groups: cryptocurrency vs gold. After comparing all the characteristics of digital money with precious metal, they appear to have a lot of in common. For example, they are produced through mining and both are almost impossible to destroy. Gold doesn’t react with acid or lye, and can’t be oxidized. In the same way, cryptocurrencies are immutable in that it is nearly impossible to shut down all the computers within the blockchain. Also, both of them can be profitable but still be at risk of cost fluctuations. In most transactions, they should be sold or exchanged for fiat currencies or an equivalent, but it is much easier to do with digital money. However, unlike gold, cryptocurrencies are not accepted in all countries.
For those who still can’t decide in which to invest, a group of Russian entrepreneurs has launched the GoldMint platform, which operates with a digital asset GOLD that is backed with reserves of real gold or ETH.

Markets News
A prediction that Bitcoin would soon drop to $1,000 just two months ago shows no sign of coming true, while gold conversely slumps.
Peter Schiff’s Bitcoin $1,000 Prediction Falls Flat as Gold Drops 4%
William Suberg
A different view of cryptocurrencies post-crisis? ‘‘It was quite profound to see Bitcoin acting as a clear safe haven.”
Crypto Community Eyes US–Iran Crisis As Tensions Flare
Andrew Singer
BitPay integrates with OneGold mobile app, allowing crypto users to purchase gold using Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
BitPay Integration Lets Users Buy Gold With Cryptocurrency
Rachel Wolfson
As tensions between Iran and the U.S. continue to escalate, more and more Iranians seem to be turning toward crypto and BTC.
Bitcoin Is Becoming More Valuable to Iranians Amid Tensions With US
Shiraz Jagati
The team behind the project says it is offering a new all-in-one solution where users can set up an IRA, fund it, and then trade both crypto and gold.
New Platform Lets Users Trade Crypto and Gold in Personal IRA
Frank Edwood
Turkish Takasbank has launched its BiGA Digital Gold platform to provide banks with a blockchain-based system for digital gold transfers.
Turkish Bank’s Blockchain Platform for Digital Gold Transfers Goes Live
Erhan Kahraman
Famous gold bug Peter Schiff made another anti-Bitcoin claim, pointing out that it’s the only asset class that is not rallying by the end of 2019.
Peter Schiff Says Every Asset Class But BTC Is Rallying as 2019 Ends
Helen Partz
Market Analysis
Despite various reservations from commentators in the past, Bitcoin is robustly insured against futures manipulation, analyst suggests.
Bitcoin Fixed Supply Means Futures Aren’t a ‘Threat’ to Price — PlanB
William Suberg

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