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Google is one of the most popular multinational Internet-related corporation that specializes in virtual products and services. All Google cryptocurrency latest news is about blocking adverts for cryptocurrencies. The company explains that a lot of advertised can be made by scams and they just want to promote better security to people. Not just that though, there also was an announcement that all crypto-related extensions in applications that conclude any scripts for mining will be deleted. Applying for registration suchlike extensions has been already banned while already existed ones will be removed by the end of July 2018. The reason of it is that the number of extensions that do mining without the knowledge of user has surged recently and 90% haven’t met the requirements. Other blockchain-related functions in applications haven’t met any prohibition.

New Year Special
Prices moved up and back down, yet the talent kept coming to work: Let’s take a look at a list of individuals who abandoned legacy industries and ventured into ...
From Meatspace to Cyberspace: Top Execs Moving From Traditional to Crypto Jobs in 2019
Darren Kleine
Follow up
The “Shitcoin Wallet” debacle shined a light on crypto security issues. Experts weigh in on how companies are caught in the balance.
Better Safe Than Hacked? Google and Apple Flip-Flop on Crypto
Joseph Birch
Markets News
The rapid breakout of a theory linking Iran to Bitcoin price rises continues to circulate, but not everyone considers the two phenomena to be linked.
Google Trends Sees ‘Bitcoin Iran’ Surge 4,500% on Safe Haven Narrative
William Suberg
Cryptocurrency holders are being warned against a Chrome extension for Ledger hardware wallets that allegedly contains malware that steals their seed phrases.
Ledger Wallet User Allegedly Lost $16K to Malicious Browser Extension
Marie Huillet
Major Ethereum browser extension and wallet service Metamask has revealed that Google has now reversed its short-lived ban on the software.
Google Play Lifts Ban on Ethereum Browser Extension MetaMask
Marie Huillet
Coinbase noted that it might be forced to drop DApp browsing functionality from its mobile wallet to abide by Apple's guidelines.
Apple May Remove Coinbase’s Mobile DApp Browser From App Store
Adrian Zmudzinski
Google has banned major Ethereum browser extension MetaMask’s android client from its Play app store and rejects MetaMask’s appeal.
Google Suspends MetaMask From Its Play App Store, Citing “Deceptive Services”
Joeri Cant
Former PayPal and Google veteran Mike Blandina appointed as new CEO of Bakkt, while former Coinbase exec is now the new president of the company.
Bakkt Has Two New Appointments as Former CEO Leaves for US Senate
Helen Partz

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