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Gregory Maxwell is a co-founder and current chief technology officer of Blockstream and a developer of Bitcoin Core since 2011. Blockstream is a firm that specializes on blockchain technology development and is one of the main contributors to Bitcoin Core, founded in 2014. Before Gregory Maxwell came to Blockstream, he worked at the Mozilla Foundation where he was a participant of Daala video compression and Opus audio codec development, and was an early contributor to Wikipedia. Maxwell is an architect of the two-way peg and is currently occupied with development of Confidential Transactions for Blockstream. Gregory Maxwell is famous in cryptocurrency development society for his reviews of cryptographic protocol initiatives for Bitcoin. Today, Gregory is considered one of the main Bitcoin and blockchain experts and is often invited to cryptocurrency talks and events.
Most innovative works done by Bitcoin developers and projects directly benefit Litecoin given the structural similarities between Bitcoin and Litecoin.
Charlie Lee: Hard Work of Bitcoin Developers Directly Benefits Litecoin
Joseph Young
Greg Maxwell has said he is willing to fly to Australia with his own money to prove Craig Wright is a “fraud.”
Bitcoin Dev Greg Maxwell: I’d Pay To Prove Craig Wright ‘Fraud’
William Suberg
Blockstream has hinted its flagship product will involves satellites upon release, leading to industry-wide speculation.
Bitcoin Satellites? Blockstream Hints at “Coming” First Release
William Suberg
Bitcoin Core developer Jeff Garzik has sparked contention with a post asking if further measures were needed to prevent covert AsicBoost.
Bitcoin Scaling: Jeff Garzik AsicBoost Comments Lead to Frustration
William Suberg
Bitcoin Core developers have criticized the Bitcoin Scaling Agreement presented by Digital Currency Group and 56 other companies that represent approximately 83...
Unrealistic Timeframe: Bitcoin Core Developers Criticize Bitcoin Scaling Agreement
Joseph Young
SegWit cannot occur on Bitcoin in its full capacity until the current deployment expires, Greg Maxwell has said.
Greg Maxwell: Bitcoin’s SegWit ‘Redeployment’ Has To Wait
William Suberg
Resentment among senior Bitcoin figures continues as Gavin Andresen calls former co-developer Greg Maxwell and Samson Mow “toxic trolls.”
Former Bitcoin Core’s Gavin Andresen Hits Blockstream, Labels Greg Maxwell and Samson Mow
William Suberg
Segregated Witness (Segwit) support has been on the rise ever since the disclosure of the covert usage of AsicBoost by Bitcoin Core developer Greg Maxwell.
How Greg Maxwell Exploited Bitcoin Unlimited in Every Way Possible
Joseph Young

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