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During a hard fork, blockchain networks split into two different chains. A cryptocurrency hard fork results in two blockchains, in addition to two separate assets: the original and the forked asset. Cryptocurrency hard forks can be a benign, consensual upgrade spearheaded by the community, or the culmination of bitter debates that split a community into two separate chains and assets.

Multiple notable contentious hard forks have occurred over the years. In 2016, as the result of a hard fork, Ethereum (ETH) split in two, resulting in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic (ETC). And in 2017, due to another hard fork, Bitcoin (BTC) split into Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Developers may cooperatively implement hard forks based on consensus from multiple parties. Communities may choose to hard fork cryptocurrency for a number of reasons, such as improving network speed.

Binance’s BNB Chain is set for two upgrades aimed at improving the finality of the network and compatibility with other EVM blockchains.
BNB Chain hard fork to improve security and compatibility with EVM chains
Gareth Jenkinson
The BNB Beacon Chain mainnet is set to undergo the “ZhangHeng” hard fork around July 19, which will bring new upgrades aimed at improving security.
BNB Beacon Chain to add ‘panic’ feature that can ‘halt’ blockchain
Brayden Lindrea
Market Analysis
Bitcoin forks, BCH, BSV and XEC rallied over the last 30 days while KAS and FLEX led among altcoin gainers in June, but data questions the sustainability of the...
Bitcoin forks BCH, BSV and XEC soared last month, but are the gains organic and sustainable?
Nivesh Rustgi
The top 100 DeFi tokens didn’t see much change in price over the past week, with the majority posting minor weekly gains.
Over $204M lost to DeFi hacks and scams in Q2: Finance Redefined
Prashant Jha
The v19 hard fork didn’t go as planned for the privacy coin, but a fix has been released; v18 had experienced a few kinks, too.
Dash blockchain down for hours after hard fork fail, devs to try upgrade again June 14
Derek Andersen
Market Analysis
Institutional investors accumulated Ether and sold off Bitcoin last week, suggesting confidence in Ethereum after the Shapella hard fork.
Ethereum price lower highs vs. Bitcoin hint at more downside in April
Yashu Gola
The game theory of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies analyzes the behavior and strategies of participants in the market using concepts such as the prisoner’s dilemma...
The game theory of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
Guneet Kaur
Since the Shapella hard fork on April 12, Ether has seen a price gain of nearly 10%.
Ether hits 11-month high as post-Shapella withdrawals pass 1M ETH
Brayden Lindrea

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