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During a hard fork, blockchain networks split into two different chains. A cryptocurrency hard fork results in two blockchains, in addition to two separate assets: the original and the forked asset. Cryptocurrency hard forks can be a benign, consensual upgrade spearheaded by the community, or the culmination of bitter debates that split a community into two separate chains and assets.

Multiple notable contentious hard forks have occurred over the years. In 2016, as the result of a hard fork, Ethereum (ETH) split in two, resulting in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic (ETC). And in 2017, due to another hard fork, Bitcoin (BTC) split into Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Developers may cooperatively implement hard forks based on consensus from multiple parties. Communities may choose to hard fork cryptocurrency for a number of reasons, such as improving network speed.

The much-talked-about London upgrade has finally happened on the Ethereum network as ETH arguably moves closer to becoming a deflationary asset.
Ethereum London hard fork goes live
Osato Avan-Nomayo
“With $13 billion worth of Ether locked up in Ethereum 2.0 and $70 billion locked up in decentralized finance, we have enormous demand for the Ether token,” sai...
Ethereum is becoming ultrasound money, ConsenSys founder says
Brian Quarmby
Market Analysis
Analysts caution against a potential “buy the rumor, sell the news” pullback for ETH, while historical data shows that the price tends to rise following major n...
Analysts debate whether Ethereum’s London hard fork is a 'sell the news' event
Jordan Finneseth
Breaking news
“After an attempted attack yesterday, some serious hashing power was unleashed today at 11:46 am and attackers are succeeding,” said Lucas Nuzzi of Coin Metrics...
Breaking: BSV reportedly suffers ‘massive’ 51% attack
Sam Bourgi
Ether has more potential than Bitcoin as a newer cryptocurrency, and the latest EIP-1559 will help the token trade more like a fixed asset, Pantera Capital CEO ...
Eth2 will help Ether outpace Bitcoin, Pantera Capital CEO predicts
Helen Partz
A wave of events five years ago formed the reality of the crypto industry, but did we really make proper conclusions?
Takeaways: 5 years after The DAO crisis and Ethereum hard fork
Oleksii Konashevych
Ethereum network is taking a big step toward a scalable PoS blockchain. Here is how the London and Berlin hard forks fit into the road to Ethereum 2.0.
Ethereum’s London, Berlin and Shanghai forks and their role in Serenity
Jinia Shawdagor
The long-awaited EIP-1559 upgrade is just 26 days away now.
Ethereum’s London upgrade deployed to final testnet ahead of Aug. 4 fork
Martin Young

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