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A hardware wallet is a device where a user’s cryptocurrency wallet and private keys are stored. Cryptocurrency hardware wallets are considered to be more secure than software wallets, as they are immune to most viruses and have no need to interact with potentially-vulnerable software. There are no well-known and proven cases of funds being stolen from Bitcoin hardware wallets. However, hardware wallets for Bitcoin do not make its user invulnerable to frauds or thefts. Hardware wallets can be compromised with insecure random number generators that are often implemented into hardware wallets for security, with compromised shipping and production processes and imperfect usage of the device. Bitcoin hardware wallets are currently made by various companies such as Ledger, TREZOR and BitLox.
Cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider Ledger CEO reckons it’s more people trusting Bitcoin that is pushing the price up; Glassnode confirms his suspicion.
Retail is pushing the Bitcoin price up, says Ledger CEO
Joseph Hall
Holding your own private keys is crucial for those looking to achieve financial freedom.
A hardware wallet live app combination guarantees total asset control for crypto ‘hodlers’
Sarah Jansen
Altcoin Watch
BTC price continues to soften, but new exchange listings and protocol upgrades provided a much-needed boost for FLUX, SFP and BADGER.
FLUX, SFP and Badger DAO surge even as Bitcoin price falls to $47K
Jordan Finneseth
The partnership will take into effect during the first quarter of 2022, with the Coinbase mobile app planning to also support Ledger down the road.
Coinbase announces support for hardware wallets, starting with Ledger
Keira Wright
Market Analysis
“Not your keys, not your coins” is short for “Don’t leave your crypto on exchanges.” Here are three soft wallets that are trusted by millions of investors.
Got crypto? Here are 3 software wallets for storage, staking and swapping
Jordan Finneseth
Altcoin Watch
BTC’s push toward $60,000, new cross-chain features and a sharp increase in user activity boosted SFP, BFC and REQ price.
SafePal, Bifrost and Request Network soar after Bitcoin price hits $59K
Jordan Finneseth
Self-custody wallets have proven extremely popular among users looking to access decentralized exchanges and NFTs.
Coinbase launches standalone browser extension for Coinbase Wallet
Sam Bourgi
Hardware wallet brands have been built on the promise of security — but in some cases, these devices aren’t as air gapped as you might think.
Why hardware wallets might not offer as much protection as you think, explained
Chris Jones

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