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HitBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows trading of over 300 cryptocurrency pairs. The HitBTC exchange was launched in 2013 by Estonian and Israeli specialists and entrepreneurs. More than 40 percent of transactions on the platform are made with Bitcoin (BTC) and there are two interface languages available: English and Chinese. HitBTC has its pros and cons. For instance, service doesn’t require for registration so the account may remain anonymous. However, replenishing an HitBTC account in dollars is possible only after a time-consuming process of verification. There are no HitBTC applications for Android or iOS. Nevertheless, the platform has relatively low fees and strong security properties, which still attract a lot of users.
Automated, no-code tools can help investors stick to a strategy at times when it is easy for fear and greed to take over.
How to eliminate FOMO and stick to a cryptocurrency trading strategy
Sarah Jansen
A trading bots platform has announced its new product feature that allows traders to make decisions based on TradingView signals.
TradingView signals are now available on this crypto trading bots platform
Chris Jones
Bitcoin is facing a liquidity crisis — and this crypto app is connected to four leading exchanges to ensure that customer’s orders can always be executed at the...
Bitcoin is facing a liquidity crisis, but this crypto app has a solution
Connor Sephton
Low latency is essential for high-end cryptocurrency traders, but not all exchanges can offer it. We’ll explore why it’s important and where to find it.
Why low latency is important for cryptocurrency exchanges, explained
Frank Edwood
Press Release
HitBTC, one of the most advanced digital asset exchanges in the crypto industry, has added margin trading with up to x10 leverage on its main platform.
HitBTC Rolls Out Margin Trading
Press Release
The exchange now offers users of both Android and iOS devices a comprehensive trade-on-the-go experience.
HitBTC Unveils iOS App
Use Case
In the wake of the recent pandemic, here’s how many different blockchain projects are stepping up to donate resources in the hopes of finding a vaccine.
Many Blockchain Projects Are Uniquely Suited to COVID-19 Research, Here’s How
Frank Edwood
Press Release
HitBTC, one of the world’s premier digital asset exchanges, has integrated CureCoin, part of the Folding@Home.
HitBTC Onboards CureCoin as Part of COVID-19 Initiative

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