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Hodl is a backronym that acts as an abbreviation for the phrase “hold on for dear life.” It originated from a 2013 post by GameKyuubi on the Bitcointalk forum launched by Bitcoin’s anonymous founder and developer, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Most believe hodl originated as a misspelling of the word “hold,” and it is often used to encourage the cryptocurrency community and investors to refrain from selling a cryptocurrency, especially in a volatile market environment. One of the many slang terms in the crypto space, hodl is also used to denote a bullish sentiment and urges other investors to buy and hold the cryptocurrency for an extended period.

A meme in itself, the term hodl is used widely by the cryptocurrency community today and is similar in sentiment to other terms such as FOMO (fear of missing out), WAGMI (we’re all gonna make it) and BTFD (buy the fucking dip), which are used to connect with a broader and younger audience. While used almost exclusively when discussing cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets, the term hodl is now even being used to convey bullish sentiment associated with other asset classes such as the equity asset class.

Markets News
BTC supply dynamics show all-time high percentage ownership by long-term holders, and Bitcoin investors should “do the math” as a result, analysis says.
Hodling hard: Bitcoin’s long-term investors own over 76% of all BTC for the first time
William Suberg
According to Hut 8 CEO Jaime Leverton, the newly merged mining business will have “highly diversified fiat revenue streams.”
Hut 8 boosts self-mined Bitcoin reserves to 9.4K amid USBTC merger
Helen Partz
Inactive Bitcoin addresses have hit all-time highs across one-, three- and five-year time domains while BTC outflows from exchanges continue.
Bitcoiners stack ’em up: Inactive BTC supply hits all-time highs
Gareth Jenkinson
Markets News
A tale of two types of Bitcoin investors emerges as BTC price action separates “sensitive” speculators from seasoned hodlers.
Bitcoin speculators are underwater on 88% of their BTC bags: Research
William Suberg
According to 21e6 Capital AG, crypto funds generally outperformed the price gains of BTC in previous bull runs, but they ultimately suffered this year from havi...
BTC hodlers outperformed crypto funds by 69% in H1: 21e6 Capital
Brian Quarmby
Follow up
As the Mt. Gox October repayment deadline approaches, crypto observers expect a major industry event this fall.
Mt. Gox repayment date looming: Is Bitcoin in trouble?
Helen Partz
So far, the trader has accrued 2.65 BTC at an average price well under the current level of around $30,000.
Redditor up 25% after boldly taking out $59K worth of personal loans to buy BTC
Brian Quarmby
Markets News
Long-term holder spending is “seeking equilibrium,” Glassnode suggests — but nothing will be quiet for long.
Bitcoin hodlers exited ‘capitulation’ above $20K, new metric hints
William Suberg

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