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For a long part of crypto boom, most of the huge enterprises were either silent or negative towards Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But as the large amount of people investing in the crypto market and the rapid growth of the industry is now undeniable, enterprises are facing the important decision to not lose time and get serious about cryptocurrencies. The latest news shows that IBM may become the biggest company in the Blockchain-based products market.

"We're seeing tons of demand for digital asset issuance across the board," said IBM's new head of Blockchain development, Jesse Lund. IBM news today indicate a lot of IBMs interest in cryptocurrency market, and the fact that there are central banks with plans of digitizing their monetary system, (a process too complex to be executed by a startup), triggers expectations of an emergence of a new segment that could become one of the most important parts in IBM’s business model.

Nestlé, the world’s biggest food and beverage firm, expands its long-running IBM Food Trust blockchain technology platform to its coffee brand Zoégas.
Nestlé Rises to DLT Challenge, Expands IBM Food Trust Blockchain Tool to Coffee
Helen Partz
IBM praises CEO for playing a significant role in developing its blockchain business.
IBM Praises CEO For Playing a Significant Role in Blockchain Development
Michael Kapilkov
MiPasa leverages data analytics and IBM’s blockchain platform to ensure accurate and trustworthy COVID-19 data for researchers, clinicians and governments.
Blockchain Provides Trusted Data to Counter Spread of Coronavirus
Rachel Wolfson
A new report estimates that global investment in blockchain in the energy market will reach $35 billion by 2025.
Investment in Blockchain in Energy Markets Will Top $35 Billion by 2025
Joshua Mapperson
Some of the world’s biggest tech companies have opened their arms to blockchain technology — here’s how they compare.
Big Tech in Blockchain: Comparing IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google and More
Gareth Jenkinson
Expert Take
Quantum computing could potentially break much of the encryption algorithms and protocols that currently secure the internet and computational industry as they ...
Talking Digital Future: Quantum Computing and Cryptography
Jonathan Reichental
Standard Chartered has become the first bank to join TradeLens, the global blockchain shipping platform created by IBM and Danish logistics giant Maersk.
Standard Chartered Joins IBM and Maersk's Blockchain Shipping Platform
Marie Huillet
Multinational retail conglomerate Walmart joined Hyperledger among eight new entrants announced during the opening day of the Hyperledger Global Forum 2020.
Walmart Joins Hyperledger Alongside 7 Other Companies
Samuel Haig

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