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For a long part of crypto boom, most of the huge enterprises were either silent or negative towards Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But as the large amount of people investing in the crypto market and the rapid growth of the industry is now undeniable, enterprises are facing the important decision to not lose time and get serious about cryptocurrencies. The latest news shows that IBM may become the biggest company in the Blockchain-based products market.

"We're seeing tons of demand for digital asset issuance across the board," said IBM's new head of Blockchain development, Jesse Lund. IBM news today indicate a lot of IBMs interest in cryptocurrency market, and the fact that there are central banks with plans of digitizing their monetary system, (a process too complex to be executed by a startup), triggers expectations of an emergence of a new segment that could become one of the most important parts in IBM’s business model.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has launched of a blockchain-powered vaccination passport built on top of IBM's Digital Health Pass.
NY Governor Cuomo launches blockchain-powered vaccination passports
Brian Quarmby
Metaco will use IBM Cloud to provide robust security-critical technology for institutional investors entering the digital asset space.
Metaco partners with IBM for secure digital asset orchestration system
Osato Avan-Nomayo
Ant Group remains the world’s biggest blockchain patentee, while IBM is considered to be the most-cited developer of patents in the industry.
Chinese holding firm Ping An overtakes Tencent in blockchain patents race
Helen Partz
Follow up
Blockchain could play a crucial role in COVID-19 vaccination management as the globe starts to emerge from the crisis.
New York governor Cuomo reveals COVID-19 pilot built on IBM blockchain
Rachel Wolfson
Multinational retail giant Carrefour will use IBM's blockchain tech to track two major food categories as part of a growing reorganization of global supply line...
Chicken and greens: $97B retail firm uses IBM blockchain to track food supply
Greg Thomson
The first Hyperledger-based cryptocurrency to achieve mainnet status just exploded 486% overnight, possibly bouyed by an impending Bitcoin trading pair.
First Hyperledger-based cryptocurrency explodes 486% overnight on Bittrex BTC listing
Greg Thomson
The world’s largest producer of palladium and high-grade nickel is joining a multi-stakeholder initiative that uses blockchain technology.
Minerals giant Norilsk Nickel joins Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network
Marie Huillet
New Year Special
The enterprise blockchain space in 2020 looks a lot different from previous years, demonstrating the continuation and a drive to mature and advance.
12 of the biggest enterprise blockchain players of 2020
Rachel Wolfson

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