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A digital identity is an entity’s information about itself that is used to represent it as an external agent in a computer system. Digital identities may be used by organizations and humans, as well as by applications and devices. Digital confirmation of identity is an authentication process. The process of giving permission for accessing information by certain identities in the system is called authorization. Identity solutions vary and use different technologies for improving the security and privacy of personal information. For example, blockchain identity management is one of IBM’s fields of work. Digital identity with implemented blockchain may help establish a secure and decentralized array of identities for everyone. Developed identity technology is one of the ways of simplifying Know Your Customer policies, smart contracts and control over personal data.

Blockchain technology will be used to enhance the educational experience of five million students and 750,000 teachers across the east African nation.
IOHK partners with Ethiopian government to revamp education system
Sam Bourgi
Altcoin Watch
The rollout of new identity management platforms and a pivot toward DeFi appear to have triggered a 450% in the price of SelfKey.
SelfKey (KEY) gains 450% after DeFi pivot and data management upgrades
Jordan Finneseth
Expert Take
Blockchain technology implemented in the media industry will help to prevent fake news from spreading.
Blockchain can stamp out fake news and rebuild trust in mass media
Arsenii Tretiakov
A French project says it is creating a “paradigm shift” in the security of our personal information through the launch of cutting-edge decentralized identifiers...
The internet of trust: Why secure digital identities are crucial to Web 3.0
Connor Sephton
Expert Take
The right kind of synergy between blockchain and biometrics will unleash the power of decentralized voting.
Voting evolved: Blockchain tech outshines paper ballots and e-voting
Guest Authors
New Year Special
Germany recognizes the importance of blockchain, but how did it act in 2020, and what effect will this have on its blockchain ecosystem?
Germany’s blockchain initiative: How adoption became a reality in 2020
Veronika Rinecker
In the digitizing world, identity is everything and blockchain is to make it safe for everyone: users, businesses and governments.
Decentralized identity is the way to fighting data and privacy theft
Huy Nguyen
The need for secure, privacy-centric, fraud-proof digital identities that allow us to demonstrate our credentials has never been greater.
No more pushes and pushbacks: Digital ID solves the privacy dilemma
Beni Issembert

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