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Inflation as it relates to money means the devaluation of a payment vehicle amid the rising cost of goods and services. The term usually refers to fiat currencies, which can lose value when a government expands the supply of dollars in an economy. Venezuela saw its currency lose significant value in 2018 during hyperinflation — an exaggerated form of inflation. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, however, inflation works differently. Many assets, such as Bitcoin, have a maximum supply programmed into their code, which can prevent a loss of value due to added supply. Bitcoin does entail some level of inflation, as more coins are released into its circulating supply through a set and predictable mining schedule, but maximum supply sets definite limits on BTC inflation.

Signs pointing to Bitcoin’s steady maturity and growth in the crypto space and beyond are undeniable, making a case for the cryptocurrency being the ultimate di...
The meaningful shift from Bitcoin maximalism to Bitcoin realism
Ben Caselin
In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, macro investor Raoul Pal analyzes the macro factors that are keeping the crypto markets under pressure and the tri...
How long will the crypto bear market last? Raoul Pal's macro analysis
Marco Castrovilli
Altcoin Watch
APE risks crashing into unchartered price territory as it follows Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market.
ApeCoin rebounds after APE price crashes 80% in two weeks: Dead cat bounce or bottom?
Yashu Gola
Market Update
Potential relief for macro pressure offers no respite for Bitcoin as BTC price action returns to new ten-month lows.
Bitcoin falls back under $30K while 8.3% US CPI shows signs inflation has peaked
William Suberg
Nigeria’s central bank has upgraded its eNaira to steer the country away from crypto even after a UN report stated that restrictions on digital currencies are s...
Nigeria upgrades CBDC as crypto restrictions cripple fintech industry
Jesse Coghlan
Argentina’s largest bank has embraced crypto and will allow its customers to begin purchasing four crypto assets including Bitcoin through their accounts at the...
Argentina’s largest two banks to allow crypto trading
Brian Newar
Market Analysis
BTC price continues to trade in a wide range, providing an opportunity for options traders to use the Iron Condor strategy.
Afraid to buy the dip? Bitcoin options provide a safer way to ‘go long’ from $38K
Marcel Pechman
Market Update
The U.S. dollar currency index breaks through resistance to hit its highest level since 2002 — to the detriment of practically everything.
Bitcoin rejects $40K as US dollar strength hits 20-year high
William Suberg

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