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Insurance is a procedure of making individuals financially protected against losses occuring in the event of some damaging accident. Most insurance policies for individuals are homeowners, health, auto and life insurance. There are also insurance policies for businesses and financial institutions against specific types of risks that are inherent in the industry. Insurance is an important institute for the modern world that helps people be more willing to take risks in business by giving them the assurance of protection from various events in daily life. Different technologies may be used to improve the current state of this procedure. Blockchain-based insurance may help validate contracts and blockchain insurance startups are working on smart-contracts for forcing the execution of it’s terms. The blockchain insurance industry is a rapidly-growing segment of the fintech industry and is gathering a lot of attention from investors.
Civic Wallet is now offering “FDIC-like insurance” for cryptocurrency holdings worth up to $1,000,000.
Civic Wallet Now Offers $1M ‘FDIC-Like Insurance’ for Crypto
Michael Kapilkov
Black hat hacker group claims to have compromised an insurance giant with ransomware.
Maze Hacker Group Claims Infecting Insurance Giant Chubb with Ransomware
Adrian Zmudzinski
Markets News
Almost two weeks after its nightmare liquidation streak, BitMEX still faces suspicions over its business practices, particularly during the recent Bitcoin price...
BitMEX Defends Insurance Fund Being ‘Barely Used’ in BTC Price Crash
William Suberg
Cointelegraph spoke to the CEO of Attestiv on his company’s recent $2M raise, deep-fakes, and the role of blockchain in combating fake news.
Attestiv CEO on Using DLT to Fight Fake News, Insurance Fraud, and Deep-Fakes
Samuel Haig
Cryptocurrency custodian BitGo now offers insurance for the assets it holds in excess of its $100 million coverage limit.
Cryptocurrency Custodian BitGo Expands Crypto Insurance Policy
Adrian Zmudzinski
“When the world comes back, it will be Bitcoin, not banks and governments that save the day,” famous investor Tim Draper said.
Bitcoin, Not Governments Will Save the World After Crisis, Tim Draper Says
Helen Partz
BitMex appears to have emerged from the recent market meltdown stronger than ever, with the exchange’s insurance fund quickly jumping back into all-time highs.
BitMex Insurance Fund Tags ATH, Binance and Deribit Inject Millions
Samuel Haig
Amid global market mayhem, several major Bitcoin and crypto insurance funds are showing signs of severe strain.
Bitcoin Insurance Funds Take a Beating as Markets Rout
Marie Huillet

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