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The internet of things (IOT) is a concept of a network built with connections between many physical deviсes, such as vehicles, houses and other objects, powered by some type of software. The number of IOT-capable devices is increasing and sustainable connections between them can largely accelerate the integration of physical items into the current internet system. The IOT definition of “things” refers to a variety of devices such as heart monitors, live-streaming cameras, biochips and many others. The Internet of things is one of the main fields of study and development process. The Internet of things has a place for the implementation of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to validate data, hastening its transition and making a payment system for transactions within the network. Many experts are concerned about IOT’s security and anonymity problems, as IOT could hold even more private information than the present internet.

A former president of Sony thinks the IoT-powered fourth industrial revolution is the perfect opportunity to help people retake control of their personal inform...
IoT to release even more private data, but blockchain can help take back control
Chris Jones
Is it possible to build a sustainable IoT-powered smart city of the future, one that doesn’t have all the dystopian side effects?
Smart cities are the future, but they might threaten privacy
Sergei Lonshakov
A company that measures air quality and one that provides IoT internet access team up for blockchain-based rewards.
Two companies form a partnership at the intersection of blockchain and IoT
Connor Sephton
A blockchain-based project is vowing to do for supply chains what Uniswap did for DeFi — saving time, cutting costs and reducing waste in global trade.
Meet the blockchain that could save the global trade sector billions
Connor Sephton
Market Update
Altcoins moved toward new highs and Bitcoin price rallied above $57,000 shortly after today’s uneventful $4.2 billion monthly options expiry.
Bitcoin bulls attack $57,000 and altcoins rally as April comes to a close
Jordan Finneseth
IoTeX's project uses "verifiable GPS data to mint NFTs that prove you were at a certain place at a certain time," said Larry Pang.
New tech allows crypto users to mint NFTs with 'proof of presence'
Turner Wright
Altcoin Watch
IoTeX soared to a new all-time high after partnering with the Amazon Web Services network and integrating with multiple DeFi platforms.
IoTeX (IOTX) rallies 300% after DeFi and Amazon Web Services integration
Jordan Finneseth
The two companies are cooperating to develop practical use cases for blockchain technology.
Bosch teams up with to launch blockchain and develop Web 3.0 tech
Sam Bourgi

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