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A simple definition of the internet is a global system of interconnected computers. Internet technology is the defining mark of the 21th century, that has caused the establishment of internet banking, internet-based education, news and media services and a wide variety of other activities. As the internet became more and more affordable and, therefore, integrated into the life of ordinary people, such problems as internet safety, internet privacy and security gained a great deal of attention and became important research fields. The internet greatly accelerated the speed of every information-based process, such as science, education, finance and communication. As the internet has no centralized governance and each network has its own policies, the internet is often referred to as a place of freedom. However, governmental restrictions on the internet are taking place in most countries but largely differ in their severity.

Cyberpunk is a subgenre of sci-fi that explores a dystopian future with advanced technology, where the line between man and machine is blurred.
What is cyberpunk: A beginner’s guide to the sci-fi genre
Alice Ivey
Nepalese internet and email providers have been put on notice by the country’s telco regulator to block crypto-related websites or face legal action.
Nepal regulator orders ISPs to block crypto websites or face the law
Jesse Coghlan
HashEx CEO Dmitry Mishunin summarizes Web3 as read, write, own — a “crazy responsibility” for the end-user.
Users need to go under the engine in Web3 — HashEx CEO
Erhan Kahraman
How to crypto
Browser-based cryptocurrency mining has made a comeback, allowing casual miners to earn rewards.
What is browser-based cryptocurrency mining, and how does it work?
Marcel Deer
The owner of the internet-famous Shiba Inu dog posted on social media that Kabosu is in a "dangerous position" after falling ill on Christmas Eve.
The real-life dog behind memecoin DOGE is seriously ill
Jesse Coghlan
How to crypto
HNS aims to provide a decentralized alternative to the traditional domain name system (DNS) — here’s how.
What are Handshake (HNS) domains, and how do they work?
Marcel Deer
A new study reveals Turkey is in second place for crypto-related searches worldwide and first place for Dogecoin-related searches.
Turkey has an obsession with crypto — Specifically Dogecoin: Study
Savannah Fortis
Web3 is the next-era internet based on decentralized architecture and some innovative concepts. Find how Web3 resolves fundamental problems in Web2.
How Web3 resolves fundamental problems in Web2
Dilip Kumar Patairya

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